Setting up a small bathroom: 3 space-saving design tips

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  • Anyone who plans their bathroom from scratch has a clear advantage: with a floor-level shower, light tiles and integrated storage solutions, the small bathroom can be optimally designed even without a window.
  • Bathroom furniture should always be chosen wisely if there is little space: most elements can also be purchased in shorter dimensions or with hidden storage space. Hanging furniture fastening methods also make the room appear more airy.
  • When designing a small bathroom, you should focus on a uniform color scheme, uniform lighting and the use of mirrors – this can visually enlarge the room.

small bathroom furnished and decorated

On average, the German spends around 30 minutes in the bathroom – a comparatively short amount of time and probably the reason why the room is often given less attention than the cozy living room or the modern kitchen. It is therefore not surprising that, especially in old buildings, the bathroom is quite sparse in size, but even in new buildings there is not a lot of space to be wasted on the bathroom. Like her Make the bathroom an eye-catcher even in tight spaces In this guide we will tell you how to store all the important utensils.

1. If possible, plan storage space in advance

Use high ceilings

Especially in Old building Bathrooms are relatively small, but they have particularly high ceilings. Take advantage of this and move the storage space upstairs using tall cabinets.

If you have the luxury of being able to plan, design and furnish your small bathroom completely according to your own wishes, you should always keep the rule “less is more” in mind. You should avoid anything that could be unnecessary frills so that the room does not appear overloaded and can be used efficiently. For example, partitions and front walls that are not absolutely necessary can make the area appear significantly smaller.

When choosing a bath or shower you can rely on models with shorter dimensions or corner solutions, which fit perfectly into small rooms. If the shower is level with the floor, this avoids visual barriers and visually enlarges the bathroom.

The choice of color for tiles and bathroom furniture can also contribute to the enlarged appearance: always choose a consistent color scheme give preference to light colors such as white, beige, cream tones or a light gray.

Whether you want a shower cubicle, a shelf or yours Buy bathroom mirror online – Don’t forget to compare the dimensions given with the available space in the room to avoid returns and hassle when setting up the small bathroom.

small modern bathroom without windows

A tidy bathroom appears freer and therefore larger.

2. 6 space-saving furniture that you can use to decorate a small bathroom

Some furniture in the bathroom cannot be done without. But there are practical and space-saving variants that turn out to be real storage space miracles and can look really chic at the same time. We will present you with some ideas that you can use to optimally furnish sloping bathrooms.

Furniture Characteristics
Corner shower
  • Placed in bath corner
  • Makes optimal use of space and does not disrupt the room
Walk-in shower
  • Modern shower format with just one shower screen
  • Lots of freedom of movement
Space-saving toilet
  • Only approx. 48-50 cm projecting towards the wall
  • Ideal for narrow niches or guest toilets
Washbasin with base cabinet
  • Combines sink and base cabinet
  • Storage space is immediately available
mirror cabinet
  • More useful than a simple mirror
  • Utensils such as toothbrushes etc. can easily be hidden
Wall cabinets and shelves
  • Attached to the wall, they provide floor clearance and visually enlarge the bathroom
  • Can e.g. B. can also fit over the toilet

In general, it always makes sense to resort to closed storage options. These can discreetly hide the odds and ends of hygiene products or make-up and bring peace to the bathroom. Open storage areas, on the other hand, make the overall picture appear untidy and overloaded.

Storage boxes or baskets for utensils such as guest towels and toilet paper also make the bathroom appear tidier easily and effectively. Floating bathroom furniture also appears airy and are also extremely practical when it comes to cleaning the bathroom.

Tip: If possible, use it when choosing the shower Glass variant. This not only looks elegant, it also creates space visually.

Washing machine and dryer stacked in the kitchen to save space

The washing machine and dryer can also possibly be placed in the kitchen – particularly space-saving if they are stacked on top of each other.

3. Visually enlarge the room with colors, light and mirrors

In addition to the essential bathroom furniture, there are also a few other ideas that can make the bathroom look cozy and uncluttered. Finally, we will introduce you to the most important tips for bathroom design.

3.1. Bright colors and a consistent scheme

As already mentioned, it makes sense Use light colors to create visual space in the bathroom. If uniform white, beige or gray tones are too boring for you, you can also opt for delicate blue or green tones. You can use this to add a maritime flair when decorating your small bathroom.

Danger: Too many different colors quickly appear chaotic, make the overall picture appear less harmonious and therefore smaller. Decorative splashes of color should also be chosen in a color scheme, for example combinations of light and royal blue.

3.2. Make the room appear larger with light sources

cozy bathroom with bathtub

Pastel colors make the bathroom look friendlier, but don’t make it cramped.

A dark bathroom looks oppressive and dreary, which is why Light sources are an important part of optical magnification. A window in the bathroom is the most natural way to light up the room, but unfortunately not everyone can enjoy this luxury.

If there are windows, they should under no circumstances be covered. If you want privacy protection, you can Use frosted glass film to shield yourself from outside viewsbut at the same time let light into the room.

If you have a bathroom without a window, you can Give the room spaciousness with uniform lighting and daylight bulbs. For an evening in the bathtub where you want to create an atmospheric ambience, accent lighting is the right choice.

3.3. Mirrors give the illusion of surface area

And of course the mirror should not be missing in the bathroom. It doesn’t just have to be the obligatory mirror in front of the sink – full-length mirrors, ideally with a wall mount, are also an ideal idea for furnishing your small bathroom. She visually simulate a larger area and at the same time reflect lightso that the bathroom appears even brighter.

Tip: Ideally, place the mirror so that incident light is reflected directly for the best effect.

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