Adjust cabinet doors in 6 steps

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  • Crooked, poorly closing cupboard doors can be aligned by adjusting the hinges correctly – tips on this can be found in the instructions and FAQs.
  • However, the cabinet body should be upright beforehand. Use a spirit level to check the level of the cabinet and, if necessary, align the cabinet doors by placing them underneath.
  • Over time, due to normal living use and different loads on the cupboard, the cupboard doors can become out of place again.


Only use suitable screwdrivers

In order not to damage the screw heads, you should definitely use a screwdriver that fits exactly (in shape and size). Pay attention to the type and the correct size. For example, Phillips screwdrivers are different, which many people don’t know: There are Ph (Phillips) with four wedge-shaped side parts and Pz (Pozidriv) with straight side parts and four small wedges between the side parts.

Wardrobe doors that hang crooked not only look bad, but they also damage the cabinet. This is why you should keep your closets check regularly and adjust cabinet doors when and where necessary.

You’re wondering: Adjusting cupboard doors – how does it work? With instructions and the right tools, it’s not that difficult.

However, it is a second personwhich holds the cabinet door in the correct position, comes in handy while you adjust the cabinet doors and then tighten the screws.

Once the hinges and the cabinet doors have been aligned again and the hinges have been adjusted, the hinges are immediately looked after and the annual check is completed.

Tools material
  • Spirit level
  • Screwdriver (suitable)
  • Precision engineering oil

1. Different types of hinges

cupboard door adjustment hinge variant

An (older) variant of a cup hinge with the same functions, but fewer screws.


When (here IKEA) adjusting cupboard doors, first adjust the height, then the depth and finally the side.

You can Concealed hinges, screw-on and drill-in hinges and adjust furniture or door hinges.

But in most cases it’s about that commonly used concealed hingeswhich have various adjustment and locking screws specifically for this purpose.

With the other types of hinges, the position of the entire hinge must be changed if the cabinet doors no longer fit properly.

2. Which screw is for what?

In general, there are three directions in which the hinges can be adjusted correctly: height, depth and sideways.

Depending on the type of concealed hinge, there are options for this one or two screws.

3. Instructions – adjust the concealed hinges

  1. Align the cabinet body with a spirit level – if necessary, add a base
  2. Slightly loosen the screws for adjustment
  3. Align the cabinet door and hold it in place
  4. Adjust the hinges on the cabinet door and tighten the screws tightly
  5. Check setting
  6. correct slightly if necessary

Tip: Even if your hinge looks a little different, you will find the same features in a similar location. You can recognize the height and depth adjustment by the corresponding elongated holes; the remaining screw is responsible for the windage adjustment.

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4. Service hinges

When you adjust the hinges on your cupboard doors, you can take the opportunity to service them too. Especially if you’re adjusting a kitchen cabinet hinge, that means clean and lubricate.

So remove dust, crumbs, etc. with a brush and the joints Lubricate with a little precision engineering oil. A little maintenance is already carried out, which prevents squeaks and extends the life of the hinge.


With these crooked cupboard doors on a chest of drawers, the cup hinges are corrected so that the doors close correctly again.

5. Frequently asked questions

5.1. How can I adjust door hinges?

Some two-piece door hinges can be fitted with very small washers. In all other attempts Door hinges To adjust, these must be dismantled and re-screwed in a better position but this may leave old drill holes behind.

Instead of adjusting old door hinges, it is usually easier to replace them with new hinges or screw-on hinges.

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5.2. How to adjust self-closing hinges?

If it Concealed hinges are self-closing hinges just as adjusted like similar hinges without this function.

With self-closing door hinges Springs are built into the band. These are not easily adjustable but must be installed differently if the stop, height or position is not correct. Proceed in the same way if you are with one Cabinet hinges with cushioning want to set.

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5.3. How is a hinge on a wall cabinet adjusted?

If it is one Wall cupboard If the doors are opened upwards, then you should pay attention to the manufacturer’s description (which can also be found on the Internet, for example under Hettich hinge adjustment), as the fittings and their functions often vary, but often based on the normal cup hinges are.

The Direction of the slots gives one Note on the function of the screws. Once the height and depth have been identified, there is usually a single screw left that does not have an elongated hole and this then allows the door to be aligned sideways.

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5.4. How are sliding doors adjusted?

If Sliding doors jam or don’t fit, it’s often due to poor construction of the cupboard. So First set up the cupboardi.e. check whether the cabinet is level, there is no misalignment and all parts are connected neatly.

To (e.g. Pax) Adjust sliding doorsUse the Elongated holes in the upper slides of the doors. When adjusting, these are tightened from the inside of the cabinet when the doors are hung, while a second person lifts the door slightly at the same time.

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