Darken windows without drilling: You have these 5 options

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  • In a household without roller shutters, you can darken windows from the inside by installing curtains, blinds, pleats or blackout film. There are different ways to attach the respective light protection.
  • For curtains and curtains, it is a little more difficult to find a stable fastening method without drilling. Roller blinds and pleated blinds can be securely attached using Velcro, clamp straps or adhesive.
  • In order to determine the correct dimensions for the light protection, the fastening method should be taken into account when measuring. Ultimately, it depends on how far the roller blind can be pulled down or how far the curtain falls down.

man attaches pleated blinds to window

If there are no roller shutters installed on the outside of the windows in their own home or rented apartment, many people still want them a darkening option that comes without much effort and high costs. Complete darkness is often required, especially in the bedroom, but protection from prying eyes from neighbors may also be desired in other living rooms.

There is a need for light protection indoors. Roman blinds or curtains can reliably darken or darken rooms, without the need for drilling holes. In this guide you will find out what types of light and privacy protection there are in your own home, when you need to pay attention to the weight of curtains and blinds and in which positions around the window blinds etc. can be installed.

1. Decide between curtains, Roman blinds or pleated blinds

window with pleats behind bed

A room flooded with light looks great, but at night complete darkness is usually required. With curtains or Roman blinds, this can also be done without drilling.

Curtains vs. Curtains: The Difference

Even though the two terms are often used interchangeably, curtains are usually understood to mean transparent to semi-transparent fabrics that allow light into the room and serve decorative purposes. Curtains are usually made from blackout or opaque textiles and also function as privacy and/or light protection.

First of all, the question arises, what type of blackout you prefer. The appearance plays an important role, among other things: curtains and drapes can blend in wonderfully with the color of the respective style of the apartment and, in addition to protecting against light, can also be used as elegant window decoration. Roller blinds, on the other hand, appear a little more modern, are usually kept simple and can therefore be easily integrated into changing furnishing styles.

In addition to the visual aspect, there is also the type of fastening is a not insignificant factor, when choosing a blackout type. Attaching curtains and curtains without drilling can be quite difficult, as these textiles usually require a curtain rod or curtain rails. In order to provide sufficient stability, you usually can’t avoid drilling and screwing.

A notice: Roller blinds come in different designs that differ in the way the fabric is pulled up. With Roman blinds the fabric is pushed open in a curled manner, while with pleated blinds it is folded up like an accordion.

Things are a little different with roller blinds: These blackout methods can usually be used be attached directly to the inside of the window frame, for example by clamping supports or gluing them into the window sashes. Probably the cheapest alternative to this Blackout films for darkening windows. Such films are firmly stuck to the window panes – but then no light comes through during the day, which is an exclusion criterion for many people.

gray blinds on three windows

Roller blinds offer a modern alternative to roller shutters and can also completely darken the room with opaque fabrics.

2. Attach curtains and curtains without drilling

If you want to darken your windows without drilling and still don’t want to miss out on decorative curtains or drapes, we will present you with three options below. Please note, however, that the curtains in these variants should not be too heavy. For curtain rods that are heavy, attaching them without drilling is not a safe alternative.

Fastening type Details
Telescopic clamp rods
  • is clamped between walls or window lintels without any additional brackets
Curtain rod and glue
  • Curtain rod holder is attached to the wall with mounting adhesive
  • only suitable for light scarves and curtains
without curtain rod with Velcro
  • Velcro tape is sewn to curtain/drapery fabric, hook tape is sewn over the window, for example
  • Opening and closing is more difficult with this option

3. 4 ways to attach roller blinds without drilling

Installation is usually much easier with smooth, Roman or folding blinds. because with these types the total weight is lower and therefore less load has to be carried. And at the same time they offer a good opportunity to darken windows without drilling. However, you are spoiled for choice here. Ultimately, in addition to the type of attachment, you also have to decide between the location of the attachment. Roller blinds and pleated blinds can

  1. directly in the glazing bead,
  2. on the window sash,
  3. in the window niche,
  4. or in front of the window niche

to be assembled. Which position you choose depends on your preferences: Do you want to complete darkness even with the window half open? Then the light protection should be placed in front of the window niche. If you want the full functionality of the window without having to pull up a Roman blind every time, then you should instead opt for mounting directly in the glazing bar or on the window sash.

3.1. Attach roller blinds and Roman blinds to the window with Velcro

person puts blinds on window

Velcro offers a subtle way to attach blinds to windows.

A very easy and safe way to attach Roman blinds is to install them with a Velcro rail. This rail is used as a replacement for the conventional curtain rod is attached to two holders that are glued to the window frame or above. On the front there is a hook strap to which the matching counterpart can be attached to the Roman blind fabric.

These are particularly popular Roman blinds with Velcro not only because of their simple and practical Velcro fastening, but because they are also available in many different types of fabrics and colors. Once the rail has been installed, the fabrics can be moved as you wish change quickly. This is very practical when changing the furnishings or adjusting to the season. The Roman blinds can also be quickly dismantled using Velcro particularly easy cleaning.

Tip: Alternatively, you can stick the hook tape directly to the window frame instead of on the rail.

3.2. Glue Roman blinds directly into the glazing bead

For this option you need special glazing bead roller blinds. you will be glued directly to the glazing bead or the window sash, thus enabling them to be dismantled without leaving any residue, which is particularly advantageous for rental apartments. What is extremely practical with this type of fastening is that the functionality of the window is not restricted. In addition, the compact roller blind looks very discreet. However, the blinds usually have to be custom-made to fit the individual window perfectly, which makes this option a little more expensive.

3.3. Attach Roman blinds with clamp brackets

Roller blind with material for fastening

Utensils such as clamp supports or adhesive supports are often included in the scope of delivery of a new roller blind.

Clamp supports are another popular fastening option for roller blinds, curtains, etc. The window is first opened and they are usually made of plastic Clamp hooks hung over the window sash. They can then be tightened flexibly with screws depending on the thickness of the window frame and the roller blind can be hung there.

But be careful: This option is primarily suitable for windows with plastic frames. Damage can occur with a wooden or aluminum frame.

3.4. Attach Roman blinds with adhesive backings or adhesive strips

A somewhat gentler, but still similar variant is to attach with adhesive backings or strips. The straps or strips become simple glued to the window frame and thus provide enough support for light Roman blinds. Don’t go for the cheapest option, as the adhesive performance may be weaker and the Roman blind will most likely come back to haunt you soon. When attaching, it should also be noted that the surface to which the supports are glued has been previously cleaned Dust and grease must be removed to ensure a solid hold.

hand pulling the blinds down

Whether clamp or adhesive support – make sure you use high-quality fastening material for a stable hold.

4. Measure the window exactly before purchasing

No matter which method you choose to darken windows without drilling – You can’t avoid measuring the windows.

If the roller blind is installed in front of the window niche, the niche should be measured and an overhang of at least 10 cm in width and height should be added. If a Roman blind is mounted directly on the window sash, the pane size must be taken plus the desired overhang. However, you should keep an eye on the window handle, so that the roller blind does not hit it when lowered. When installing a ceiling in the window niche, measure from the highest point of the niche to the lowest point of the window and add the desired overhang.

A notice: Also pay attention to the manufacturer’s individual information regarding the dimensions of roller blinds and mounting accessories, as these may vary slightly depending on the model.

For windows that are to be darkened with curtains, the dimensions look slightly different. First, measure from the mounting position to the floor. If you do not want the curtain to rest on the floor, subtract approx. 3 cm from these values. Think about whether the curtains or drapes should line up with the window frames, protrude further to the sides or perhaps even cover the entire wall area and take the appropriate width measurements.

If it is a smooth curtain, you already have the order size with the width measurement. For a curtain that is intended to form pleats, you will need to double the width measurement or, depending on the desired density of wrinkle formation, if necessary even triple it.

Living room with gray curtains

For curtains that are intended to cover the entire side of the wall, a telescopic curtain rod is recommended.

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