Build your own corner bench: instructions in 4 steps

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  • Your advantages if you build a corner bench yourself: Above all, you get a comparatively large number of seats for a rectangular or square dining table. Children in particular often have less seating space than the width of a chair would take up.
  • There are many ways to build a corner bench. Chests can also be used or built as a base to provide additional storage space.
  • You can also build the bench out of stools and do without a backrest. If there is a wall on both sides, you can build a corner bench yourself without a backrest. Cushions to lean on are attached directly to the wall.

Corner bench-build-yourself-ready-pure

How much seating space per person

For adults, we assume at least 50 cm – preferably 60 cm per person. Particularly broad-shouldered or short people should be taken into account accordingly. When it comes to children, it should be borne in mind that they are growing and should still have enough space on the corner bench in their later years. More about limited space in the kitchen on in the article “Designing a small kitchen”.

If you want to build a corner bench yourself, it is usually about a space-saving option for several seats.

A good idea, because in many households most of family life takes place around a kitchen table. The kitchen is also often a very valued place at parties, even when it’s tight.

This post provides instructions on how to make one Build your own corner bench out of chairs can, but also general information about planning, seat height and depth.

You will also find useful suggestions and tips here if you are wondering: How can you build a corner bench yourself from pallets? Or: Which wood do you use to build a corner bench yourself?

1. Planning a tailor-made corner bench

1.1. Which idea suits my purpose?

Build-your-own-stack corner bench

The bench shown below in the “Build Your Own Corner Bench Instructions” is intended to be placed underneath to save space in the winter.

If you Looking for ideas on the topic of “building your own corner bench”.you should first consider what purpose your corner bench will serve and what features it should have.

Pallets are often preferred for outdoor use when building your own corner bench. But you can also build a corner bench for the terrace yourself out of chairs.

With weather-resistant material you can Build your own wooden corner bench for the garden – for example made of larch wood and screw connections made of stainless steel.

If you’re looking for storage space indoors, we recommend looking at Ikea hacks if you’re planning to build a corner bench yourself. The corner bench is usually built from chests or shelves with inserts.

For a party cellar you can Build a U-shaped corner bench yourself and thus create space for many guests.

1.2. How do I determine the correct size?

Example for measuring measurements

For example, a table is 120 cm x 80 cm and 76 cm high. If it is mainly children who sit on the bench, plan a 5 cm distance between the table and the bench as well as a seat depth of 35 cm and a seat height of 46 cm. Small children get a high seat cushion.

If the corner bench is to fit an existing table, this largely determines the dimensions. The The distance between the bench and the table should be 5 to 10 cm.

If it is mainly children who sit on the bench, choose the smaller distance; for adults, choose the larger one.

If you build a corner bench yourself, three dimensions are of central importance: The Seat width, seat depth and seat height.

The seat width should be 50 to 60 cm, the seat depth between 35 and 40 cm and the seat height between 40 and 49 cm, depending on the table height.

If you build a corner bench with a backrest yourself, it should be tilted backwards by 10 to 15 degrees.

Go from the People who use the bank regularly and think about how much space they need.

Then decide according to your height, figure and shoulder width and based on the ranges mentioned Individually well-fitting dimensions.

2. Building instructions for a corner bench made of chairs

material Tool
4 chairs Cross-cut and miter saw
planed boards, 18 mm thick

4 pieces 10 x 200 cm

4 pieces 20 x 200 cm

drilling machine
Wood screws depending on the chair screwdriver
sandpaper Clamps and/or screw clamps

2.1. How the chairs are prepared

Build your own corner bench base chair

These chairs are held together by the classic Ikea screws.


Here the screws and the seat are removed.

It really is easy to build a corner bench yourself from chairs. To do this, existing seats are unscrewed or removed and crossbars in the backrest are removed from the bars.

In this example, Ikea chairs that have been discarded are used when building the corner bench yourself. They are easy to dismantle.

Just to create the corner, a chair is taken further apart so that the two side parts can be used individually.

Build your own corner bench frame

To get the pure frame, the crossbars are sawn through at the top and pulled out.


The side parts of one of the four chairs are unscrewed to use them for the corner.

2.2. A test setup is recommended

To judge the proportions and the Determine positions of racks and boardsa temporary structure is well suited.

You can do this very easily Screw clamps or clamps be used. The boards lie on the racks without holders.

All parts can be pushed back and forth as long as until the position is correct and can be marked. Especially important if you build a corner bench with a backrest yourself.

The distance between the chairs is the distance that the frames have between the bars, This creates symmetrywhich is visually more pleasant than deviating dimensions.

The backrest boards simply remain a few centimeters away from the corner. Nobody can lean on this angle anyway.

Corner bench-build-yourself-test assembly

The formation of the corner in particular becomes clearly visible with the sample and can be marked.

Corner bench-build-yourself-corner-fits

The 20 cm wide boards fit together perfectly and the length is shortened on the outside.

Tip: If the boards for the seat have the same width and can be arranged in the corner as shown here, there is no need for a miter cut.

2.3. Cut the wood correctly

For these DIY corner bench instructions, the boards for the backrest are 10 cm wide, 20 cm wide for the seat and 18 mm thick and are all 2 m long.

In this example we use planed solid wood to build the corner bench ourselves. The boards are only lengthwise after the test assembly and marking tailored. An external overhang of the boards of 5 cm is allowed for.

Build your own corner bench in solid wood

The solid wood boards are placed during the test assembly and marked where the frames are to be positioned and to what length they need to be shortened.

Build your own corner bench with saws

The few cuts are made cleanly with a cross-cut and miter saw. Then just sand the edges smooth again.

2.4. How the corner bench is assembled

Build your own corner bench attachment points

The frames are screwed from below to the previously marked positions.

Build your own corner bench and jack it up

A jack comes in handy for supporting the half-finished bench section.

To assemble the bench, first place the boards of the seat on a table and, ideally, clamp them in place.

Then Place the frames and the individual side rails at the marked locations and pre-drill through the existing holes and screw on.

Alternatively, wooden dowels can also be used.

The ones used should be Only screw about halfway into the boards are sufficient.
If you build a corner bench with a backrest yourself, it is directed slightly backwards.

Therefore, the lower part of the bench must be supported slightly during assembly so that the bars of the back rest on the boards for screwing.

Build your own corner bench and pre-drill it

Be sure to pre-drill before screwing on so that the wood does not crack when screwing on.

Build your own corner bench and screw it on

Clamp the individual parts for assembly – a counter board keeps the rail and backrest at the same height.

Build your own corner bench and finish it

Once the corner bench is built, it can be oiled, painted or upholstered – depending on the purpose and taste. A few pillows are enough for an initial test.

3. Frequently asked questions about a self-made corner bench (FAQ)

3.1. Build a corner bench yourself with an Ikea hack for storage space

Suitable as a base Chests or TV benches from Ikea. These can be connected as a corner bench without a backrest or a backrest can be attached from behind. Instead of a backrest you can also Upholstery directly on the wall be attached. Search the Internet using the search terms: Build your own corner bench ideas Ikea hacks.

3.2. Build your own floating corner bench

Build your own corner bench strips

Narrow strips with a uniform spacing in strip width look very modern.

If you have a stable wall available, you can build a floating corner bench.

Particularly Such benches appear modern and lightif the base are formed steel beams, the firmly anchored to the wall – for example with appropriate dowel holes and induction dowels. They are available from Obi, Hornbach etc. or from Amazon.

In the next step, narrow strips can be screwed onto it.

3.3. Build a corner bench in the bay window

Who one Corner bench for the bay window If you want to build it yourself, you should build it to measure.

But you can do this just like in the example shown here Chairs serve as a base or stools.

However, when building a corner bench yourself, other angles may be necessary, in which case the boards in the corners must be sawn to the appropriate miter.

What is important for appearance and function is that the Backrest below the window sill ends.

These are the same things you should pay attention to when you… Corner bench for the balcony build by yourself.

  • View chop and miter saw on »

3.4. How to build an upholstered corner bench yourself?

It will be more comfortable if the corner bench is upholstered:

  1. Build the bench yourself as described above.
  2. Matching Foam padding hang up, Cover with fleece and fabricso that it can be stapled from behind and below.
  3. Hide the stapler needles under a glued-on tape where they are visible.

3.5. How can I build a modern corner bench?

A white paint and upholstery in fresh, modern colors already have a huge impact. If you want to build a modern corner bench yourself, you can also use white chairs and white, melanin-coated boards and edge banding for the sawn edges.

It also looks modern if you build a floating corner bench yourself. However, this requires stable anchoring in the wall.

For example, if you build a corner bench for the terrace yourself, see too planked steel runners very modern out of.

If DIY is your hobby, you will find many more articles with ideas and instructions on For example, you can build a table to fit the bench or build office furniture. The comparison of miter saws here on might also be exciting.

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