Make your own toothbrush holder: 7 ideas for replacing the toothbrush cup

toothbrush holder made of bamboo

A toothbrush holder is not the centerpiece of a bathroom, not an obvious eye-catcher from which you expect much. But that’s precisely why creative changes to the norm have a big impact here. If from the outset you only assume a toothbrush cup that has nothing to offer other than usefulness, deviations are a nice surprise. Even better, they’re a pleasant surprise just for you spend little money must. Because you can make toothbrush holders yourself without having to use your wallet or advanced construction skills.

To give you ideas for your toothbrush holder, we have included one in this guide Choice of different designs compiled. If standing or for sticking to the wall, there is definitely a holder that suits your bathroom. With these ideas you can quickly make your own toothbrush holder.

1. The storage of the toothbrush must be hygienic

family brushes teeth

For effective dental care, the toothbrush must be stored hygienically.

Simply placing the toothbrush on the sink or another shelf is not a good solution from a hygienic point of view. After all, thorough dental care is essential for health, and when the toothbrush itself becomes a germ thrower, Regular tooth brushing is no longer sufficient. Therefore, in addition to the basic rules for brushing your teeth, there is the following tip from the health portal

Store the toothbrush or toothbrush attachments so that they can dry quickly. Otherwise bacteria will collect there.

It’s not just about surface contact; prevented moisture from dripping off. If the toothbrush is lying down, the bristles only dry very slowly – and the humid environment is a real one Breeding ground for bacteria. Therefore, even the most unsightly cup is better than nothing, as it allows moisture to settle more quickly.

But “better than nothing” is of course not the standard you should strive for when setting up in the long term. You can make your own toothbrush holder here, to bring typically very uniform products into a personalized path. And this DIY solution is not just a good reason for crafting in terms of design: if you have small children, the often hated brushing of your teeth can be made more playful with a fun holder.

Toothbrushes come in many different shapes. For a DIY project, you can consider the shape of your standard toothbrush.

2. You can make a free-standing toothbrush holder yourself from numerous materials

3D printing

There are often 3D printing templates for electric toothbrush holders online. For example, if you have an Oral-B toothbrush and access to a 3D printer, you can search for Oral-B print templates and use them or even customize them beforehand.

When it comes to free-standing holders, you can DIY and sustainability connect particularly well with each other. Because numerous Items from your household that would actually end up in the trash can be converted into toothbrush holders. And by-products from crafting, such as wood waste, can also be used well for this purpose.

  1. Wooden container: A toothbrush holder is generally not exposed to heavy mass. A toothbrush, maybe even a tube of toothpaste, that’s all you need to hold. Therefore the constructions can also without much effort getting produced. Waterproof wood glue is enough to glue small wooden panels into a container. But other types of fastening are also suitable. After that Sand corners, if necessary apply care products, done. Wooden containers look very good in a simple design, but can also be richly decorated and painted.

    Pay attention: While you have a free choice when it comes to the types of wood cut, the type of wood should of course be adapted to the bathroom climate. Quiet woods that do well with moisture include teak or beech. Bamboo is also one of the best materials for bathrooms.

  2. Filled glasses: Actually, the design should move away from simple cups and glasses. But a lot can be achieved visually by simply filling a glass. mumblesmall stones, Pearls or other objects look good and hold the toothbrush when you put the handle in the glass. However, the materials shouldn’t be too heavy, otherwise inserting the toothbrush quickly becomes a nuisance if you constantly encounter resistance.
  3. pen holder: A completely hollow holder does not always have to be used: a practical toothbrush holder can also be created in the style of some pen holders. To do this, small holes are drilled into a material over a larger area. These are just big enough to hold the handle of the toothbrush.

    Danger: If such a holder is intended to hold several toothbrushes, it is important to leave enough space between the holes for hygiene reasons. This prevents the bristles from touching each other.

3. Containers for the wall usually stick to the tiles

Toothbrush holder glued to bathroom tiles

In stores, holders for the wall are often self-adhesive. If you make toothbrush holders yourself, you can usually use double-sided adhesive tape.

If you want to build a toothbrush holder yourself that is then attached to the wall, the question quickly arises: How should the attachment be done? In the Drill tiles You usually don’t want to, which is why hanging toothbrush holders from the shops are almost always self-adhesive. If your handmade holders are not too heavy, we recommend using double-sided adhesive for attachment.

  1. Head holder: While the previous holders held the toothbrush by the handle, it is also quite easy to hold it by the brush head. This requires a rounded object with a closed edge – perhaps a larger one Bottle cap or a Tealight holder – glued to the tiles with the underside. A piece is cut out of the bottom of the edge so that the handle fits under the head of the toothbrush. The brush head then rests over the gap. What alone might seem a bit strange is A real eye-catcher in a set with several attachments, perhaps even at different heights.
  2. Hook: If your toothbrushes have a loop at the end, you can conveniently hang them upside down on hooks.
  3. bracket: A simple one Clothespin is also suitable for standing mounting, but seems a bit like an emergency solution. In contrast, on the wall it looks very deliberately chosen and creative. However, the adhesive should be strong enough so that it does not come off immediately when you press the clip.
  4. Half height holder: A board with a few larger holes through the surface won’t hold a toothbrush, but if only placed a few centimeters above the sink the toothbrushes can stand up on the sink, but are held upright by the holder.

There are few limits to your DIY impulses when it comes to toothbrush holders. Through the low space requirements and material costs Experiments with crafting have little risk – and, in the best case, a high return in the form of a beautiful eye-opener in an unexpected place.

Image credits: Raneva,,, Alferova (sorted chronologically or according to the order of the images used in the buying guide)