Determine the hardness of the mattress: 4 tips for sleeping comfort

Determine mattress hardness level

Wake up in the morning often experience back pain and feel exhausted after a night? Then it may be because your bed does not suit your needs. So that the maximum lying comfort can be achieved and at the same time the health of the spine does not suffer from the wrong choice of mattressthere are a few points to consider that take both maxims into account and guarantee a good night’s sleep night after night.

1. What types of beds are there?

Every person is individual and the choice of bed should be based on your own needs. There are different alternatives to the heart of every bedroom that you have to choose between.

1.1. Box spring bed

The Box spring bed is a popular bed variant on the market and impresses with its high level of comfort enables a comfortable lying feeling. This is ensured by the special structure of the box spring bed, which is divided into three mattress layers.

With their high level of comfort, box spring beds offer a restful night's sleep.

With their high level of comfort, box spring beds offer a restful night’s sleep.

The bottom layer of the mattress combination is the so-called box spring, which usually consists of a Bonell or pocket spring core. The box spring is followed by the selective support mattress, which is typically a pocket spring mattress. The top layer of the mattress complex is the topper, which can be made of different materials.

The different Layers of the mattress can support the spine and therefore prevent back problems. However, you should still consider which level of hardness is suitable for your own body. Mattresses with a hardness level of 3 or 4 are often recommended. The box spring bed is ideal for coupleseven if the two people differ greatly in their weight.

1.2. Waterbed

Waterbeds are also popular beds that can be found in many bedrooms. The water temperature can be adjusted manually and thereby counteract a painful back. The waterbed also prevents you from turning too often, which means a quieter and deeper sleep is possible. The mattress adapts to the sleeping position so that it is gentle on the back and good for the spine.

Tip: With two separate water cores, you won’t notice the movements of the person next to you.

2. Which mattress is right for me?

Before the correct level of hardness of the mattress can be determinedyou must first choose a mattress that suits your own sleeping needs and thus enables you to sleep in a way that meets your needs Health promotes. There are different models. The following are particularly widespread:

Mattress type Advantages
Cold foam mattress
  • Division into different zones ensures a high level of comfort
  • suitable for side sleepers
  • adapts to the shape of the body
Spring mattress
  • durable
  • is suitable for heavy sweating as there is good ventilation

3. How do I achieve better sleep quality?

Who for ensure a high level of sleeping comfort and at the same time avoid back pain If you want to, you shouldn’t just put the type of bed and mattress to the test. There are several other factors that significantly influence the quality of sleep. This particularly includes healthy ones Indoor climate. A good supply of fresh air, the removal of carpets and all materials in which dust and allergens can accumulate should be a given.

To avoid back pain, the correct hardness of the mattress should also be calculated. H2 and H3 mattresses are often promoted by specialist sellers as the standard choice. But hardness levels 2 and 3 are not ideal for every buyer. It is important to know the differences in hardness levels, because the hardness of a mattress makes a significant contribution to the quality of sleep and comfort and is therefore an important purchasing criterion.

The degree of hardness of the mattress differs in different levels depends on the weight and height of the person. Hardness level 1 means a very soft mattress, hardness level 2 means a soft mattress. On the other hand, hardness level 3 indicates a medium-hard mattress, hardness level 4 indicates a hard mattress and hardness level 5 indicates a very hard mattress.

Danger: If you want to determine the firmness of the mattress, online tables are just a possible norm. Different manufacturers often deviate from these, which is why it always makes sense to see for yourself by testing it out.

4. Weight is crucial

The following table gives an approximate overview of the firmness levels of mattresses that you should consider based on your body weight:

degree of hardness Weight
H1 up to 50 kg
H2 up to 70 kg
H3 up to 100 kg
H4 up to 130 kg
H5 from 130 kg

This is what a self-made children's bed could look like.

This is what a self-made children’s bed could look like.

However, soft mattresses are hardly suitable for children Sinking deep into the mattress makes it difficult, especially for babies, to breathe. In addition, the spine, which is still very sensitive in children and babies, should be supported when sleeping, which a mattress that is too soft cannot guarantee.

There are also beds for children Reversible mattresses that have two different degrees of hardness and therefore the side that is more suitable for the child can be selected. This is particularly practical when needs change as your body size and weight increases.

Sleeping comfort depends on the determined level of hardness of the mattress, but it should also your sleeping position and your own preferences must be taken into accountto get one restful sleep to enable.

5. Possible effects of the wrong mattress

How important it is to determine the correct level of mattress hardness is shown by the effects that follow a mattress selection that is not very careful. With a mattress that is too soft, there is a risk that, above all, the pelvic area sinks in too much, which means that the spine is not sufficiently supported and is instead bent too much.

However, if the mattress is too hard, it will lie a lot of strain on the shoulders and pelvis, which can cause physical problemswhich are associated with pain.

The incorrect level of hardness of the mattress that was determined leads to problems such as: Back pain, neck pain and the resulting headaches. To avoid this, you should use a mattress that supports the spine and still offers a high level of comfort.

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