Decorating your living room: 3 tips for temporary redesign

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living room decorated

The living room is considered the focal point of many apartments and houses. But once you’ve settled in, you can quickly get tired of the cozy room. Who If you want to provide variety, you can do this with variable decorative elements do very easily.

Vases, cushion covers, carpets or pictures on the walls can be easily replaced and give the room a new shine. We will give you tips on living room accessories and styles and introduce you to various ideas you can use to decorate your living room.

1. Popular living room decoration styles: Scandi, industrial or country style

Living room furnished and decorated in light colors

The country house style is characterized by natural materials.

In order to create a harmonious and stylish image and feeling of living in the living room, you should first decide on a style before you start decorating the living room. You can do this Be based on your existing furnishing style, but a mix of styles can also be impressive and make the living room appear more comfortable by not overloading it.

If you want to be able to vary your living room decoration seasonally or depending on your mood, you should opt for a relatively neutral furnishing style. So it makes sense Don’t combine colors in the living room too wildly, so stick to one color schemeand shelves, sofas or yours Coffee table from Maisons du Monde coordinate with each other. This means that accessories of your choice can be exchanged as desired without creating a disharmonious atmosphere.

Below we will introduce you to some popular and modern decoration styles that are currently trendy and can perhaps also be integrated into your living room:

Decoration style Characteristics
  • Small, minimalist decorative elements that don’t make the room appear overloaded
  • Clear, puristic shapes and muted colors
  • Natural fabrics, floral prints and symmetrical patterns make the room look cozier
Industrial style
  • Rough surfaces and decorative elements with a used look
  • Dark colors that can also look scraped and materials such as metals and wood
  • Breaks in style make the industrial style look more homely
Country style
  • Romantic, playful decorative elements made from natural materials
  • Earthy colors with light nuances
Seasonal decoration
  • Christmas, spring or autumn
  • Must be adjusted depending on the season and cannot decorate the room all year round

Couch in living room with shelf and plants

Plants can be used to round off almost any furnishing and decoration style.

2. Varying wall decorations make the living room look like new

Adhesive nails instead of hammer and nails

If you want to avoid unsightly holes in the walls, you can also use adhesive nails to hang pictures etc. They can be removed without leaving any residue and usually have a load capacity of up to one kilogram.

Painting walls is usually very strenuous and time-consuming, and once you have decided on a wall color, you are often very reluctant to change it again. You can get around the new coat of paint in just a few simple steps. Pictures, posters, wall candle holders or tapestries can give the living room a whole new look.

A larger picture wall can really make a difference, especially in spacious living rooms that have a lot of wall space. Depending on the style you want, you can different frame sizes and shapes can be combined with each otherto create a homely overall picture.

Manufacturers of posters and art prints also often offer coordinated picture collages that can be hung harmoniously next to each otherto decorate the living room stylishly. At the same time, the pictures in frames can be replaced with other motifs at any time, which makes the design extremely flexible.

Wall candle holders, decorative antlers, mirrors or other hanging decorative elements may not be as variable, but they can also be combined with various other decorative styles.

Tip: If you have a bit of artistic talent, you can breathe new life into the decorative items with a little color – how about, for example, a candle holder in white or the decorative antlers in a shiny gold color?

3. Textiles for the living room that are easily replaceable

Gray sofa in living room decorated with blankets and pillows

Colorful pillows and blankets bring life to a neutral living room.

Hardly anything can change the atmosphere in the living room as quickly as a new carpet, pillowcases or blankets. They give the room a cozy and cozy feel that most people want in the heart of the home.

The range of possibilities here is large: Cushion covers, throws, rugs and blankets can be found in a wide variety of fabrics, colors and shapes and can contribute significantly to the atmosphere when you design your living room.

3.1. Carpet in a natural style or eye-catching with patterns

If you prefer furnishings and decoration in Scandinavian or country house style, carpets with a natural look made from plant fibers may be suitable for you. Especially the materials Sisal and jute are becoming increasingly popular in carpet form. The woven or braided materials give the living room structure and are usually available in light brown and beige tones.

If you want something a little more eye-catching, choose an oriental-style rug. The special patterns of the oriental carpets are a real eye-catcher and available in various colors. However, other decorative elements in the living room should then move into the background so that the room does not appear overloaded.

Tip: Oriental rugs are also available in a washed-out vintage look, where the colors appear faded. These are ideal if you like something a little more discreet, but at the same time don’t want to miss out on the oriental flair.

3.2. Pillowcases and blankets add variety

Couch with gray throw pillows and blanket

You can make the living room more exciting with a material mix of different fabrics.

Something Pillowcases and blankets are easier and can be varied more frequently. When it’s time to do the laundry, it’s the perfect time to replace the textiles and redecorate the living room.

Cashmere and covers silk can give the living room a luxurious feel, while coarse knit or faux fur brings a lot of coziness into the room and can create a great contrast to a rather cooler interior style.

Here too you will find what you are looking for in all colors and prints. This means that blankets and pillows can be wonderfully adapted to the season at any timefor example with snowflake patterns at Christmas time and floral prints in spring.

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