Choosing the right carpet: Which material and size is best?

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A beautiful carpet not only provides comfort and warmth in the room. Carpets can take on many other functions: Different living areas are demarcated with them, different furnishing styles within the apartment are visually connected, furniture and works of art are stylishly emphasized and the room climate is regulated with the right carpet.

Choosing a carpet: Material, size and cleaning are important criteria when choosing the right carpet

In short: a carpet is a versatile all-rounder. With the Choosing the right type of carpet So you don’t just make a taste-related decision, you also shape the atmosphere, visual effect and temperature of your room. In this guide you will find out which carpet suits which room, which carpets are easy to care for and what you should definitely pay attention to when cleaning carpets.

When buying a carpet, the following questions must first be clarified before selecting the design and color:

  • What size should the carpet be?
  • What type of rugs are best for your chosen space? With this question you decide which furnishing style is preferred and which functional properties are desired.
  • What material can you buy carpets of this type made of?
  • Are there any allergy sufferers or pets in the household?
  • What should you pay attention to when cleaning and caring for it?

1. Determine the appropriate carpet size

The size of the room primarily determines whether you buy a small or large rug. Don’t rely on your sense of proportion, because if you choose the wrong size and your feeling deceives you, the result will be a small catastrophe: then the room will either appear too cluttered due to a carpet that is too large or the good piece looks like it has broken in because it much too small is and seems lost.

When choosing the size of the carpet, it is best to proceed as follows:

  1. First, determine which furniture where to be placed.
  2. Now cover the area where you want to lay your carpet with newspaper. Better yet: take it colorful advertising brochuresto create even greater contrast with the furniture.
  3. Now glue the edges of the selected carpet area with yellow masking tape away. With the masking tape you have now created a good contrast to your hard floor such as laminate or parquet and can immediately see whether the contours are too wide or too short.
  4. Now look at the room from different angles. Also use seating such as chairs or other furniture in the room and Allow the room to take effect for a few minutes.
  5. Now correct the carpet size if necessary and tape the “carpet edges” again until you found the ideal size have.
  6. Now you can take measure. You have determined your ideal rug size.

When buying a carpet, however, you will not find this measurement exactly to the centimeter (unless it is individually made to measure), but you will only be able to buy standard sizes that come close to your ideal size. If in doubt, choose the next largest carpet size.

Little trick: Depending on the room size and format, you can too optical effects and use tricks by using the Color effect Remember: Living rooms appear visually smaller with dark carpets. If your room is far too small anyway, you should opt for light colors such as beige, cream, white or light gray.

2. Choose natural carpet material with style

Oriental and Persian carpets give your room a slightly exotic, oriental touch. High-quality, hand-knotted oriental carpets are very popular, durable and fascinating playful details and strong colors. The room takes on a majestic grandeur. Therefore such a carpet is suitable best for large roomsfor example in a villa or an old building with high ceilings and pretty stucco, the oriental carpet looks just right.

Furniture and furnishings should then also be appropriate classic and high quality to get voted. An oriental rug rarely matches modern mass-produced items from discount furniture stores. Oriental and Persian carpets made of silk usually come in strong red tones or subtle beige and pink. The colors radiate freshness and cleanliness and underline the elaborate workmanship. But only as long as the carpet is really clean and not destroyed by incorrect cleaning method becomes.

Important for hand-knotted silk carpets:

Cleaning such carpets is demanding. In general, natural materials such as silk, leather or animal fur are very sensitive and, if not cleaned properly, can not only fade but also develop a bad, musty smell. Delicate fibers also lose their elasticity and no longer shine like new. If you want to remove stains or heavy soiling from expensive oriental and silk carpets, you should definitely hire a professional.

However, if the carpets are lightly soiled and less sensitive, you generally do not need to hire a carpet cleaning company. Just follow these pro tips to Wash your carpets yourself.

3. Advantages of synthetic fiber carpets

You have more flexibility when cleaning and when combining with different furnishing styles for modern and easy-care carpets made from synthetic fibers such as polyester, polyacrylic or polypropylene. Such synthetic fiber carpets are best suited for… Children’s room, dining room or the kitchen. More frequent and heavier soiling is to be expected here, which is why the carpet should withstand regular cleaning with ordinary carpet cleaners.

In the bedroom On the other hand, you would like to be warm and comfortable. Here, shaggy carpets and carpets with long pile (with a fiber length of over 5 cm, even longer than shaggy pile) create a cozy bedroom atmosphere. But allergy sufferers should be careful:

With a strong one Allergy to house dust mites We strongly advise against having a shag carpet in the bedroom. If at all, allergy sufferers should only use short-pile carpets and flat-woven carpets that do not offer too much surface area for dust and other allergens and can be quickly and easily removed with a vacuum cleaner.

The vacuum cleaner in the household of allergy sufferers should also be equipped with a HEPA filter so that the allergy-triggering substances are not whirled through the air but disposed of in the vacuum cleaner bag. According to the Federal Environment Agency HEPA filters have one Efficiency of up to 99.95% against airborne particles and can therefore retain the majority of suspended matter, including coronaviruses.

Also for pet owners There are certainly suitable carpets. Like allergy sufferers, pet owners should opt for synthetic fibers that are flat-woven. On the one hand, this prevents the animal from getting its claws caught in the carpet fabric. On the other hand, you can Cat and dog hair Better removed with a vacuum cleaner. The material should be soft but durable. Pets are notorious for leaving stains. But that’s not a problem at all with the right fabric. Whether it’s urine or red wine stains, almost all stains can be removed with effective home remedies.

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