Create storage space: 3 tips for enough space in the apartment

  • Self storage or even Rental storage units provide storage space for large purchaseswhich just take up space in your own home.
  • Every niche in the apartment can be used for storage space be used. With a little craftsmanship you can build a shelf or cupboard in every corner.
  • Modern multifunctional furniture offer integrated storage space, which is space-saving and practical. This means you don’t need any additional shelves or boxes and you can store everything in the piece of furniture.

Collections, replacement bedding or equipment for your favorite hobby – everything has to be stowed away. There are many ways to create storage space, but simple boxes often just get in the way and take up more space than they actually help.

In the DIY editors, we have put together 3 tips for you here with which you can create modern and space-saving storage space.

1. Use niches: Small rooms can be converted

create storage space, closet niche

Wardrobes can easily be installed in sloping ceilings.

In angled apartments there are often corners that cannot be used. Be it that they are too small for furniture or too hidden for any kind of decoration. Such small niches can be used for storage space, by building shelves. Boxes, picture frames or books can be easily stored there, depending on how open the shelf is at the end.

Even adjoining rooms that are too small to be used as bedrooms can, with just a few simple steps, become too much space for other things. Under Chambers can be built with floor-to-ceiling shelves or cupboardswhich create space for, for example, Christmas and Easter decorations, cleaning supplies or winter clothing.

Tip: Less is often more. Clean out chambers or niches regularly; many things won’t be used for years and just take up space.

While not every apartment has such rooms or niches that can be converted, you can also look outside for storage space. Basements or storage rooms are a good alternative. Storage box prices vary depending on the size of the room you want to use. These self-storage rooms are particularly suitable for storing furniture or large purchases that only take up space in the apartment.

2. Shelving systems, chests of drawers and tables

Order is healthy for our brains

Every person is looking for a certain level Order. This term is subjective because the brain has individual ideas about an orderly apartment. In a room, our brain forms a kind of map, allowing it to remember where each thing has been placed. This map may look different for everyone.

Not only do additional rooms provide more space, Storage space can also be created with shelving systems or shelves. The classic is shelves on the wall, often for decoration or souvenirs.

However, you can also be more creative. For example, you can Create additional storage space with room dividers. Boxes can be inserted into the shelves, which also increase privacy. Room dividers create a dynamic look in the apartment, which can also conceal the things stored away.

Ceiling-high shelving systems in particular can create a lot of space. Furniture suppliers have various models that can not only accommodate boxes, but are also equipped with shoe cabinets, clothes rails, etc.

We have listed further options for storing your belongings here:

  • chests of drawers or cupboards: Clothes, office supplies or several coffee sets, for example, can be stored here.
  • Shelves in the walls: Instead of building shelves that protrude outwards, they can also be directed inwards. This saves space, especially in tight spaces.
  • tables: Low tables or coffee tables with an extra base offer plenty of storage space.

3. Functional pieces of furniture

bed multifunction

In addition to self-storage, you can easily create storage space with modern furniture.

You can also create space-saving storage space by integrating the storage space into existing pieces of furniture. Multifunctional pieces of furniture are becoming increasingly popular because these inconspicuous storage spaces are particularly suitable for small apartments.

  1. Couch with storage space: Many sofas these days have built-in cavities, which can be accessed by lifting a section of the couch. On the one hand, additional sleeping gear for guests and, on the other hand, boxes with items can be stored there.
  2. Desks with shelf functions: Modern models have pull-out shelves under the table top or fixed systems in which all important documents, office items, etc. can be stored. This will help you keep your desk tidy.
  3. Dining table with cutlery tray: A drawer at the dining table can be used for special cutlery, napkins or other items needed for eating.

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