Fireplace kit or fireplace insert for more individuality in your home?

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  • Fireplace inserts and fireplace kits differ from ordinary fireplaces in their design disguisewhich can be installed yourself.
  • If you like to do it yourself or would rather do it individually, you are well advised to get a fireplace kit or a fireplace insert, as they are Have it designed as desired.
  • With a water-bearing fireplace insert You can get more use out of the oven because it not only heats the room, but also heats water for the central heating.

Fireplace or kit: which is better?

Anyone who builds a new house or renovates an old property wants to realize themselves and their creative ideas. This doesn’t just have to refer to the design of the kitchen or bathroom. It can also be a very individual source of warmth and coziness in the living room, like a self-designed fireplace insert or a fireplace kit.

Why become a stove maker yourself?

There are ready-to-use fireplace stoves available in all performance ranges and colors, with various cladding elements and decors. There is sure to be a suitable offer for every furnishing style. A homemade and individual oven is usually the most beautiful. The joy you feel during cozy hours by the fireplace is twice as great. But fireplace kits or self-clad fireplace inserts can also be integrated into the room so that they merge with the building structure. It is important to get good advice from a hardware store or dealer. Not every model is easy to install; in some cases the project could become significantly more complicated than originally planned.

A simple one Alternative to building an oven are fireplace kits: High-quality, finished fireplace kits come with detailed instructions and can be assembled relatively quickly. If the space in the house is severely limited, there is a solution in the form of small models. Compact fireplace stoves can also be installed in small rooms, and you don’t have to hire a stove builder. You can combine the advantages of a ready-to-use kit with individual cladding and design wishes. We have summarized the advantages and disadvantages of kits and fireplace inserts below.

Fireplace kit: simple stove construction

A fireplace kit is a complete set consisting of a fireplace insert and the appropriate cladding materials. Instead of bringing in an expensive stove builder, you can become a stove builder yourself with a kit like this, because thanks to the included instructions for assembly and cladding, the fireplace insert is quickly ready for use. Of course, this also requires some craftsmanship, but that’s what you need with some assembly instructions from various furniture stores.


  • Complete set already contains all the necessary elements
  • Low planning effort
  • High planning security
  • Large selection of modern models
  • Easy to install, even possible without a stove builder


  • Limited design options

The advantage of a fireplace kit is that you don’t have to worry about the right cladding materials or the amount of insulation or storage materials required. Buying a kit shouldn’t be completely without thought and planning. There are some important decisions you should make before purchasing:

Important before purchasing: When choosing yours Desired kit You should make sure that the fireplace insert included in the set has the right output for the subsequent installation room. You should also decide in which direction the fire door should be opened and whether the kit left-aligned, right-aligned or in a corner should stand.

Fireplace insert: for creative minds

Compared to a fireplace kit, you have even more with a fireplace insert creative freedom. The huge selection of inserts in all shapes and performance levels alone sets hardly any limits. The fireplace insert is covered with so-called Fireplace building panels. You can choose which thermal properties the plate should have. Fireplace panels can either transmit the heat from the fireplace insert very quickly or store it over a longer period of time and radiate it slowly, so that the stove still gives off a lot of heat even after it has been demolished.

Other important properties of fireplace building panels at a glance:

  • Low weight of the material
  • As little thermal expansion as possible
  • Dimensional stability and dimensional accuracy
  • High heat tolerance, non-flammable
  • Easy to assemble with glue and/or screws
  • Environmental and health compatibility

Various suppliers have large product ranges that also have matching, prefabricated bases, curves and heat drafts. Do you want the oven to continue to give off heat for a long time even after it has burned down? Then it’s best to install it heat storing elements. Do you want a bench by the stove? Then integrate a corresponding plate into the paneling and you will always have a warm place. The only limits to your creativity are building regulations and fire protection regulations.


  • Individual design
  • Great design options in terms of shape and materials


  • A lot of effort goes into planning and selecting materials, cladding and insulation
  • Construction and assembly only possible with skilled craftsmanship
  • Professional stove builder is recommended
  • Relatively high building law and fire protection hurdles
  • Usually more expensive compared to the prefabricated kit

Water-conducting models as heating

If you want to get even more out of your new fireplace, you can also use a water-conducting fireplace kit or a corresponding fireplace insert. With such a model, the oven supports yours Central heatingwhile you enjoy the cozy warmth and the play of flames. Another option is to have such an oven with a thermal solar system or another type of heating. It is important for all integration options that a Sufficiently sized memory is available into which the chimney can feed the heated water and it can be taken out when necessary. The advantage of a clad fireplace insert with a water pocket is that all water-side installation components close to the stove disappear behind the cladding.
finished fireplace kit or fireplace insert

You should pay attention to this when installing

Regardless of whether you are considering a fireplace kit or a self-clad fireplace insert, make sure when planning that the stove will later be installed Fire protection regulations and regulations for fireplaces as the 1. BImSchV is met and sufficient distance from combustible materials is maintained. The best way to do this is to talk to your chimney sweep while you are planning. You should also keep an eye on the weight of such a fireplace and check whether the statics of your home can support such a stove. Of course, it must also be ensured that the chimney is properly connected to a chimney that fits the respective stove model. Here too, the chimney sweep can give you detailed advice. In this guide we have summarized for you what you should consider when connecting a fireplace.

Fireplace kit or fireplace insert?

A kit or a self-made oven is particularly useful for renovations or new buildings, as their integration can be planned for from the outset. But they can also enrich the interior design and atmosphere of existing buildings. Whether a fireplace kit or a fireplace insert is better for you depends on how much creative freedom you want and how talented you are with craftsmanship. Fireplace inserts allow you to implement your own creative ideas for shape and decoration. Kits, on the other hand, have the advantage that they can be set up quickly and there are significantly fewer decisions to be made during planning, as many elements are already included in the complete set.

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