How to design the kitchen furnishings cheaply

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Even high-quality kitchens can be easily installed and adapted with skill and experience.

The kitchen has become increasingly important in German households in recent years. It is the center of the home and has now become the most frequented room in the apartment or house. So it’s no wonder that the design of the kitchen, in which both work and leisure are combined, is receiving increased attention.

Design and functionality must be coordinated with each other. This applies to devices and appliances such as stoves, refrigerators and dishwashers as well as the ergonomic arrangement of them Table, sink and worktop. The costs for a well-equipped kitchen quickly skyrocket and the expenses can easily reach five-figure amounts. That’s why it’s an advantage if you can at least do a lot of the installation yourself and save money resources that can then be used to invest more in the quality of the materials.

Kitchen modern wood

Replacing a solid wood countertop is a breeze for do-it-yourselfers.

What needs to be considered when planning a new kitchen

In addition to the savings opportunities during installation, thorough planning is the basis for avoiding any unpleasant surprises later. Important key data such as the number of people living in the household, the available space and the budget are certainly important. However, more sustainable considerations should include points such as: Cooking behavior, accessibility for older people or small children be plugged in. Only then should you think about shape, color, features and functionality.

Tip: Intensive should be about the countertop and its components such as sink, stove and fittings are thought about, because here is the one Stress greatest.

It is certainly an advantage if you have a budget that allows you to commission renowned kitchen studios to purchase and install a high-quality kitchen. The kitchen professionals provide individual advice and provide detailed support in the selection of lighting components, floors, walls and kitchen accessories. They convey their experiences about the requirements worktop to the material provides, optimize design, look and feel.

However, this service comes at a price that not everyone is willing to pay. But there is also the situation of moving. For example, if you want to take your old, still functional and beloved kitchen equipment with you into your new apartment, there are definitely some Adaptation work necessary so that the old kitchen can provide its services satisfactorily in the new apartment. The reverse case is also not uncommon. If the previous tenant’s kitchen has to be taken over when moving, it must then be adapted to the requirements of the successor.

Skillfully customize fitted kitchens

If the refrigerator, wall cupboards and other furniture can be installed and positioned on your own with a little DIY talent and the necessary equipment, it is necessary Adjusting the countertop in-depth knowledge. The stove and sink must be fitted exactly and if there is damage, replacing them completely is often the best solution. Finding cheap kitchen worktops online is no problem, they are available in many sizes and materials. However, the necessary care must be taken during installation so that the electricity and water connections, sink and stove are fully functional afterwards.

Kitchen granite countertop

When it comes to granite or stainless steel slabs, you won’t be able to avoid getting experienced help or at least borrowing the necessary machines for cutting them.

For kitchen worktops made of real wood or laminate, a simple one is required Electric jigsaw velvet drilling machine And with a little skill, even the less experienced do-it-yourselfer can do it on their own. Many kitchens are large enough to fit an L- or even U-shaped worktop. Then worktop connectors are used. In addition to the expected work materials such as Spirit levelsaw and drill, the working craftsman should above all have one router familiar with slot cutters. This means you can work cleanly and waste is kept to a minimum.

With craftsmanship you can create an affordable dream kitchen

The aforementioned increase in the importance of kitchen furnishings in German households raises expectations and demands. The kitchen is increasingly becoming a status symbol kitchen equipment that meets your personal needs can put a huge strain on your wallet. Especially if you rely on an all-round package from a kitchen studio. The cheaper solution can be to purchase individual components, which are then put together to form an attractive ensemble. With in-depth planning, technical knowledge and the necessary equipment, even if it has to be rented for a fee, existing kitchen components can be changed and adapted so that the kitchen meets the highest requirements. We wish all of our DIY enthusiasts lots of fun and success!

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