Design your first home individually

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Your first apartment is something very special and will be remembered for a lifetime. Accordingly, it should be furnished lovingly and according to personal preferences. With a little manual skills, many tasks can be completed on your own. This includes the individual construction of shelves as well as installing a cozy stove. The walls can be painted in any color imaginable and a satellite dish can be installed. It is also possible, Soil creative in an unusual way to design. This article offers some DIY suggestions and ideas for the individual design of your first apartment.

Build shelves

Storage space is usually in short supply in your first home. That’s why it’s important to make optimal use of the available space. This is done, for example, by the construction of tailor-made shelves. Depending on your preference, these can reach to the ceiling or be used as compact wall shelves. Niches and sloping ceilings that cannot be used for other purposes are ideal for using tailor-made shelves.

Shelves of the desired length are required for construction. These are provided with holes and then screwed tightly. Additional holes can then be drilled into the edge of the boards at different heights. These then serve as Bracket for the shelves. Wood is ideal for construction. It is easy to work with and creates a cozy, natural atmosphere. It is also possible to build metal shelves yourself. Like you a Build a beautiful shelf yourself You can find out how to implement your own ideas in this DIY guide.

Stoves provide cozy warmth

Especially in an old building, the insulation of the house is often not up to date. Here it is important to actively ensure warmth so as not to freeze in winter. Many people choose one Pellet stove from, because it comes in various versions and meets all possible requirements and provides pleasant warmth at low cost. There are a variety of models, for example differ in their energy efficiency class. In the name of the environment and your own wallet, you should choose a modern, environmentally friendly model that has low consumption.

Furthermore, it is crucial for the selection whether the respective Furnace dependent on room air or independent of room air is working. The warm air distribution can be limited to one room or used for several rooms. Some pellet stoves have a fan, others do not. You also need to pay attention to where the smoke pipe connection is on the stove and what the glazing is like. Last but not least, the shape and cladding of the oven are relevant for the selection.

Paint the walls appropriately

One of the tasks in a first apartment is to repaint the walls. Often the previous tenants do not renovate an apartment, so Signs of wear can be eliminated must. In other cases, the new tenants want to give the apartment a completely different look than before. Depending on your wishes, you can choose a uniform color for all rooms or give each room its own color.

IMPORTANT: Before painting, the walls must first be cleaned and freed from old paint. A dark cloth, a brush and plenty of water are suitable for this. Then you have to all surfaces and baseboards taped off so that they are not damaged when painting. Any existing lamps and socket covers must be removed and reattached after painting. Before the actual painting begins, a primer must be applied. Then first the corners of the room, then the ceiling and finally the walls themselves are painted.

Install a satellite dish or digital receiver

Many people only feel at home in a new apartment when they can sit comfortably on the sofa and watch exciting films. Before this is possible, a receiver must first be installed. Classic TV channels are received via a satellite system, for which a good satellite dish must first be installed. A first step is to choose the right location for the bowl. She must be without an obstacle facing south become. During installation, care should be taken to ensure that only high-quality wall brackets and fasteners are used. This prevents the satellite dish from slipping or falling.

Online TV is becoming increasingly popular

The modern alternative is made possible by receiving digital TV channels via streaming. This requires a good internet connection and a Smart TV or a TV box for older televisions. This means that the annoying installation of a satellite system is no longer necessary. However, Internet providers usually bill their offers monthly via subscription models, which means that considerable sums can be collected every year.

Once the satellite system is installed, the next step is to find the right signal. This is usually not a problem with a satellite cable. If the connection to the satellite dish is established, the Fine-tuned become. For this purpose, a television provides information about the signal strength under “Settings”. Now the satellite dish is aligned so that an optimal image is achieved. Alternatively, satellite measuring devices can be used to search for signals. As soon as the optimal signal is available, the installation can be completed.

Carpet, tiles or laminate for the floor?

The floor of an apartment largely determines its style and gives it personality. For some people it is important that there is carpet in their rooms. This is pleasantly warm and takes over one sound-absorbing function. Others prefer to have a tiled floor. These look elegant and are easy to clean and maintain. Others install laminate flooring because they like the naturalness and attractive look of this material. It is important to match the floor to the ambience of the apartment and your own style.

If you want, you can use the design of the floor to create one Underfloor heating to install. This is extremely pleasant, especially in winter, but also reduces the risk of catching a cold after a bath or shower. There are different types of Underfloor heating systems that work with different systems. Among other things, such a heater can be laid in a modular, meandering or bifilar manner. It is also often a good idea to combine underfloor heating with a heat pump. It is important to check carefully in advance which floor coverings are suitable for the desired heating system.


When designing your own home you should No compromise be made. After all, many months or even years are spent in this apartment. That’s why it’s important to make the shelves precisely and to provide warmth with a pellet stove. Using a satellite dish and painting the walls are also key tasks. Anyone who approaches the design of their own apartment with commitment, good ideas and craftsmanship will achieve great results and feel completely comfortable in it.

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