Toilet paper holder: fun decoration for the bathroom

Drill out, dowels out, make holes: Cool toilet roll holder in sight! Could even a knight at that time have imagined having to be used for something he didn’t even know yet? Hardly likely. If he were to climb out of a time capsule and admire the many variations of toilet paper that exist today, he would shake his head incomprehension and travel back voluntarily.

toilet paper holder knight

Holds iron: The knight as a toilet paper holder

Looking at the millions and millions of varieties from aloe vera to zigzag perforation would give him too much. The same applies to the numerous toilet paper holder variants: standing, as a toilet paper holder with a shelf, made of wood, made of chrome… How could it be otherwise? Anyone who splits skulls with morning stars is unlikely to worry about hygiene after the morning toilet.

No, I didn’t want to buy a gift when I saw him. I was just looking for a holder for my toilet paper rolls. Nowadays the choice is limitless: There are toilet paper holders made of wood and stainless steel as well as toilet paper holders with a shelf or toilet paper holders with a brush. If you don’t like the knight: You can even purchase toilet paper holders in the shape of a sheep. Given the variety, it’s even worth grabbing a replacement roll holder if it’s too difficult to decide between paper holders.

Because I like Things that don’t necessarily look like what they are. Especially not when it comes to accessories for the bathroom. I also don’t like buying a 12-pack of toilet paper and running around town with it.

I’ll take the car for that, even if I’m ruining the environmental protection by buying the chlorine-free bleach with the gasoline. Sorry. But now this chivalrous nobleman is hanging with me and bravely holding out the role for me, I think that’s good. Although – a standing toilet paper holder made of wood, in black or from Wenko or Keuco in the bathroom wouldn’t be bad either, right? Now all I need is a brush that doesn’t look like one and a toilet lid that fits my knight. Maybe it’s available as a round table?

The new way of smearing numbers

toilet paper holder sudoku

Clear distribution of roles: Anyone who hates Sudoku will love this

“Sudoku is a bad thing…” I always hear my colleague Stefan swearing while he talks about the individuals who, in his opinion, waste their time pointlessly with number puzzles. But since it’s someone like Stefan’s birthday and I belong to his circle of select – albeit few – friends, I have to give him a gift on his day.

If possible with something that makes his heart beat faster, at least with that once a year the corners of his mouth slide up a little. Oh yes, and if possible it shouldn’t have anything to do with drilling, since in addition to his strong hatred of Sudoku, he also has two left hands.

It should therefore be possible to attach his toilet paper holder without drilling. I even have just the thing for that: If you share Stefan’s aversion to drills, I can recommend self-adhesive toilet paper holders that you can attach without drilling. You don’t even need instructions, it’s that simple!

But let’s move away from the topic of roll holders: Instead, I just looked for Sudoku in the shop and found something straight away. At first I wanted to order these roles myself, but then found them too anachronistic in the context of the noble knight. Now Stefan has it, and no matter what his mood is: his aversion to Sudoku now always gets the necessary substance, which always puts a cheeky grin on his lips.

Conclusion: My toilet phobia has lessened, but Stefan still hates Sudoku. But in the end everyone is happy, and that plays the biggest role for me.

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