Recycling in the workshop – these 3 materials must be disposed of separately

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When working, whether in the home workshop or in the company, waste is regularly generated. Since this cannot always end up in the residual waste, but has to be disposed of separately, there are special contact points for recycling.

Recycled material is often reused as building material, e.g. B. recycled materials serve as a replacement for gravel. You can find this and other information at

1. Collect metal: Recycling recyclable materials in the workshop

As the saying goes, wherever you plan, chips fall. It is now a matter of course for more and more wood processing companies to use these chips to press pellets. The situation is similar in many other areas.

Recyclables are almost always left behind during production that can be used further or for other purposes or that are worth recycling. This applies particularly to the topic of metal.

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2. A long tradition

Recycling center

You can hand in scrap metal to a recycling dealer yourself. However, there may be minimum quantities for purchase.

Collecting scrap metal is almost as old as the raw material itself. The Bible already mentions that in the distant future the nations would beat their swords into plowshares and their spears into pruning hooks.

Metal processing companies therefore regularly separate processing residues from other waste. There are then various options for recycling the scrap metal. For the collection an appointment must be made.

Alternatively, the material can be transported by your own fleet according to instructions Scrap metal dealer be transported. However, this is only worthwhile from a certain amount. You can reuse material for recycling as gravel or building material.

But companies with regular backlogs on a smaller scale can also benefit financially from these. The same applies to private individuals who accumulate a certain amount of scrap metal due to the demolition of a house or a comprehensive renovation.

3. Send in instead of shipping

Workshop container

If large amounts of scrap arise, a container provided may be worthwhile.

In these cases it is possible to ship the metal. The company TSR Recycling, for example, offers such a service with the online platform THE METAL POST.

With this provider, registration is easy and convenient via the Internet. Afterward The metal is sorted or packed and sent unsorted in packages. With the help of the sales basket you can calculate in advance what income the submission is likely to bring.

However, it is also possible to simply pack the metals unsorted. The recycling company then sorts and determines the value of the metals. As a customer, you receive a detailed billing for complete transparency. This is practical because, for example, when clearing out a household, there is often not really time to drive a load to the scrap metal dealer or to make your own complicated calculations about the value of the scrap metal.

4. Recycled material: Not every metal is equally worthwhile

Recycling copper

Copper is a valuable metal, so recycling it is always worthwhile.

Another important aspect in connection with scrap metal is the different value of the different materials. The prices for steel scrap are only around 0.15 euros per kilo. On the other hand, prices of around four euros are paid for a kilo of copper.

A good differentiator for whether it’s worth shipping or not is whether it’s magnetic metal. If this is not the case, then it is probably a valuable metal such as copper, aluminum, stainless steel or brass. Accordingly, it makes more sense to send in the scrap metal and recycle aluminum, for example, because sufficient and often quite attractive sums are collected.

The intensive engagement with the topic Metal recycling therefore worth it in any case.

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