Garden play equipment: These 6 play equipment are particularly popular

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Garden play equipment purchase advice

A small playground in their own garden – every child dreams of that. With creativity and suitable garden toys, you can easily bring the playground into your home. The should Safety factor always top priority stand.

In our purchasing advice on you will find out which garden play equipment is particularly popular and what you should consider when setting it up.

1. Choosing play equipment for the garden

First of all, it is necessary to determine the space you need for the play equipment. Remember that garden play equipment If possible, not near obstacles, bushes or trees should be set up so that the children do not injure themselves while playing around.

Furthermore, a hard floor made of concrete or stones, which can cause serious injuries in the event of a fall, should be avoided. Grass or soft sand is best suited as a surface for outdoor play equipment.

2. These are the 6 most popular garden play equipment for children

2.1. Children’s swing

Even children want to aim high. They get the momentum they need on the children’s swing. This can be done Install separately in the garden as a one- or two-seater. In addition, swings are also offered with an integrated slide or climbing frame.

Tip: The combination models are particularly suitable as children’s play equipment for a small garden.

2.2. Children’s seesaw

garden play equipment-seesaw

The seesaw is one of the classic playground equipment on which children can easily train their balance.

The seesaw has been a popular toy for the garden, both today and in the past. This can be done in an uncomplicated way Train balance and coordination – simply by rocking, wiggling and throwing. Of course, the fun is not neglected.

Because while rocking there is enough time for a happy conversation from child to child. A seesaw for children should be robust and stable as well Made from a weatherproof material be. Plastic or metal are particularly suitable for this. If you value a natural look, wood is a good choice. However, you should do this regularly Refresh weather resistance with a wood preservative.

2.3. Children’s slides

Slides are the main attraction at every children’s playground. So why not install a slide in your own garden? This means your child can enjoy it with their best friends all summer long. Buying a slide for the garden offers additional advantages.

You can individually select the color, shape and length of the device. Maybe it shouldn’t be a traditional slide, but one Water slide or a wave slide? Although these models are not suitable as garden play equipment for small children, they are a lot of fun for older children.

To ensure that everything runs smoothly when sliding, we list some important tips here:

  1. The sliding surface, especially from Metal slides, can get extremely hotwhen it is in the sun. It is therefore better to place the slide in the shade.
  2. Grains of sand on the slide can cause nasty abrasions due to the friction when sliding. Therefore, check regularly whether the The sliding surface is cleanespecially if you have padded the landing area with sand.
  3. Chains, long straps on jackets or trousers, etc. must be removed before sliding so that they do not get caught in narrow slots or similar and cannot strangle the child while sliding.

2.4. Gymnastics bar and climbing frame

garden play equipment bar

A horizontal bar doesn’t take up much space and is suitable as a children’s play equipment for a small garden.

With a gymnastics bar or climbing frame you give your children the opportunity to train their strength, endurance and dexterity in a playful way. The play equipment must Weather-resistant, stable and TÜV-tested so that your children can use them without hesitation.

A metal bar is best for a horizontal bar to avoid splinters. The However, posts can optionally be made of woodbut here a regular refreshment of the wood protection is mandatory.

A gymnastics bar is available in many different designs and with sturdy woods of different diameters. In addition to the classic gymnastics bar, the double gymnastics bar is also particularly popular.

2.5. sandbox

Whether square or round, open or covered – sandpits are available in numerous variations. Playing in the sandbox promotes children’s motor skills and creativity. Here boys and girls can build sand castles, dig tunnels or bake sand cakes as they wish. Sandpits offer plenty of space for games and fun. A sandpit is also a garden play device with lots of accessories. These include, for example, buckets, shovels, sand molds and wheelbarrows.

On the market you can often buy models with or without a roof. What are the advantages and disadvantages? Sandpit with roof you can find out here:


  • offers protection from sun and rain
  • can often be converted into a cover
  • Many models are height adjustable


  • often too low for adults and older children
  • more expensive to purchase
  • View sandpit with roof on

2.6. Playhouses and play towers

Play towers and playhouses are becoming increasingly popular as multifunctional devices. The aforementioned devices are often already included in compact playhouses. So there is Play towers with integrated slide and swing or with a ladder and climbing wall. Some models can also be retrofitted with various play equipment.

3. The right material: Garden play equipment made of wood is particularly natural

garden play equipment-play tower

A play tower usually consists of several children’s garden play equipment.

Garden play equipment can be made from different materials. Most devices consist of Wood, metal and plastic. Wooden garden play equipment is a natural material that can be integrated particularly well into the garden.

However, in order for wooden play equipment to remain beautiful, safe and functional for a long time, it must regularly maintained and painted.

Metal garden play equipment is usually provided with weatherproof paint. The robust material can easily be exposed to wind and weather. Plastic or plastic garden play equipment is also made of weatherproof material, which is less robust, but a has lower weight and can therefore be moved more flexibly in the garden.

Important: When assembling the garden play equipment, follow the manufacturer’s instructions exactly. This is the only way to ensure that all parts are installed and all screws are in the right place. Before your children use a device, you should also test its functionality thoroughly.

4. Stimulate imagination and promote motor skills with garden toys

Test seal for garden toys

Parents generally want the best toys for their children. Test seals that check the safety of the play equipment help with the selection. The following test seals have been established and identify tested toys:

  • play well
  • LGA / TÜV Rheinland
  • Certified safety
  • CE seal

Exercise is very important for children’s development. This also includes climbing, swinging and playing outside. The play equipment promote motor skills in a playful way and stimulate children’s imagination. If you want to make them happy with outdoor play equipment, choose it carefully and according to your children’s interests.

You should in your garden little space for children’s play equipment If you have available, you can alternatively use small children’s play tables, bouncy castles and trampolines or multi-play systems.

5. Important questions and answers about garden play equipment

After introducing you to the most popular toys for the garden, we at now want to answer the most important questions about garden play equipment.

5.1. Can you build garden play equipment yourself?

Of course, you can also build the garden play equipment for your children yourself, but you shouldn’t be a DIY newbie. Finally Garden toys have to withstand a lot, After all, children run around on it almost every day. In addition, your homemade devices should also survive a rain shower or worse.

5.2. Which garden play equipment is suitable for which age group?

garden play equipment-toddlers

The sandpit is suitable as a play device even for small children.

It is difficult to determine an appropriate age recommendation for each piece of play equipment because every child ultimately develops differently. Small children can Play early in the ground-floor playhouses or sandpit. If you go higher into the air, your child should be able to hold on securely and keep their balance.

Popular Garden play equipment for ages 3 and up are swings, slides, seesaws or play towers that connect these elements with each other. However, parents should still be there during the first attempts at climbing so that they can offer the children support.

5.3. Which material is best for slides?

Children love to slide. But because a trip to the playground together isn’t always possible, you should just bring the slide into the garden. The Offer is large and it is not easy to find the right model for your children. That’s why we have clearly presented the properties of plastic and metal for you in the table below.

Plastic slide Metal slide
  • often low height and therefore low angle of inclination
  • therefore ideal for smaller children (around 2 years)
  • Tilt-proof, stable and weather-resistant
  • wide and non-slip steps, a small distance between the individual steps
  • Can be combined with paddling pool
  • usually higher, longer and steeper
  • Suitable for children aged 5 or 6 years
  • stable, therefore standard in public playgrounds
  • can quickly become very hot in the sun

If you like a particularly natural look, you can also buy wooden play equipment. You will most likely not find a complete outdoor slide made of wood because the material is not suitable for the slide.

5.4. Is it worth buying used garden play equipment?

garden play equipment slide

Metal slides are robust, but they heat up quickly in summer.

Many garden play equipment is not exactly cheap, so the idea is to look for bargains or buy used equipment. In principle there is nothing wrong with this, you should But don’t buy a toy if you can’t examine it carefully first.

Pay particular attention that all items are still are robust and do not wobble. If you have wooden play equipment, you should carefully examine whether it has become dilapidated due to the influence of the weather.

5.5. Which garden play equipment is suitable for small gardens?

If you don’t have a large garden but still want to create a small playground for your children, you don’t have to despair. Play towers in particular take up less space than expected because they mostly high, but not particularly wide are. Models with a climbing wall or a swing rope are ideal.

Do you want one Place a swing in a small garden, you should measure carefully beforehand. In addition to the swing frame, plan a length of rope plus another two meters at the back and front.

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