Planning a house construction: What you should consider before building advice

Two people sit opposite each other during a consultation.

Do you also wish Making your dream home a reality and build a beautiful custom-made home? Planning to build your own house is a lot of effort and presents many challenges. To think of everything, it is It is advisable to consult a suitable construction company.

So that you are fine prepared for the consultation with the construction company and find a suitable company that you feel comfortable with, we have one for you in this guide Checklist created with the first important steps, which you need to clarify before the interview.

1. How can you finance building a house?

Before you go to Advice from a construction company If you go and start planning the construction of your individual home, you should first be aware of the fact that a house is being built involves a lot of costs.

Documents, calculators, a pen, money and a model house lie together on a table.

At the very beginning, think about what your budget is.

Besides the Costs for the land and materials of the house also fall many other costs on like for example

  • the payment of a construction planning company and an architect,
  • the conclusion of insurance,
  • obtaining building permits,
  • have a soil report done and
  • the commissioning of various craftsmen.

Think about how much equity you can spend and wwhat financing options You have to cover the rest of the costs incurred. Banks, savings banks and building societies offer various financing options to cover the amount between equity and the total construction costs.

Tip: You should expect to pay at least €1,500 per square meter for your house. To save money, you can ask yourself how many square meters, rooms and extras you really need and what work you can possibly do yourself.

2. Which house is right for me?

One of the first steps should also be the right design to choose. In order to find the right property that meets the requirements for your dream home, it is important to know which type of house can meet your needs. When considering this, you should consider some Consider characteristics of the houses.

In the following table we have listed the most important house types and their characteristics.

House type characteristics
prefab house
  • time-saving (construction phase can be shortened by up to three months)
  • suitable if you want to move in promptly and you don’t have any special individual requirements
Solid house
  • Custom-made construction possible
  • high resale value
  • suitable if you prefer a robust and soundproof construction and have individual wishes
Modular house / container house
  • can be easily and individually expanded and relocated
  • saves time and costs
  • suitable if you are not yet sure where family planning will develop
Architect’s house
  • Custom-made construction possible
  • suitable if you have many individual wishes and don’t want to make any compromises on your dream home
  • Barrier-free because it is one story
  • Suitable if you want to stay in the house until old age
Expansion house
  • can be designed individually and cost-effectively using your own craftsmanship
  • Suitable if you have manual skills and would like to work on your own house yourself

In addition to the points mentioned here, there are many other categories that you should consider before consulting with a construction company in order to be optimally prepared:

  • Number of people living in the house
  • Construction and materials
  • position
  • Degree of personal contribution
  • Energy efficiency
  • Architectural style

The type of house that’s right for you depends primarily on your budget and your individual wishes and needs.

3. Find the right property

Man stands on a meadow and imagines his dream house.

Consider all important factors before purchasing the property.

If possible, you should choose the land for your own home before you really start planningbecause without land no concrete ideas can be developed.

If you are looking for a suitable property, you can Look for it on real estate portals. Besides, you can ask your communitywhere new development areas are to be built soon or Contact construction companies directlywhether they already have free plots of land available to build on. You can also go for a walk at any time look for vacant properties.

Once you have found a free plot of land, you should do so before making the final purchase follow this checklist:

  • Can you afford the property and the house costs in this area?
  • Is development even permitted and if so, which one? Is there a development plan?
  • What is the nature of the soil? Does it need to be replaced at great cost?
  • What access options are there?
  • Is a basement possible, if desired?
  • Is the property conveniently located according to your needs? (Shopping options, transport connections, schools, daycare centers, etc.)
  • Is the property fully developed or partially developed? Do you share the property?

A notice: Be sure to always keep an eye on the short-term and long-term costs that a property and a house on it would entail.

4. How big should the house be and what special features should it have?

Hand holds imaginary house.

Imagine your house visually. How should it look?

If you would like to have your house custom-built, you should also think about it before the construction consultation. how many square meters Your living space should be approximately, whether you one or more floors would like to have and how many rooms Your house should have. Should it be less than 5 rooms or 6 rooms or even more?

Which roof shape? do you want and which one is allowed on your property? Should your house be barrier-free or have a separate apartment? How many bathrooms do you prefer and do you want one basement, cellar have? Make a wish special extras, such as a laundry room, a winter garden, a fireplace or a balcony? You can also sketch an initial rough floor plan in preparation.

All the more so beforehand develop concrete ideasthe easier and faster the construction company you will later work with can draw up a construction plan.

5. When should construction begin?

It’s best to have already spoken to the construction company before the consultation Think about when you want to start building a house. Your chosen construction company will then work with you to consider whether this can be realistically implemented and how this can be achieved.

Also keep in mind that the same building conditions do not exist all year round. Most of the time it is Spring, when the cold temperatures are over, is a good time to start construction. In some cases, however, autumn is also a good time to start. Find out comprehensively from experts in advance about when you as a builder should best start construction.

A notice: A construction schedule helps to keep an eye on sensible timing and not to spend more money unnecessarily if the construction process is delayed. The construction company will create this plan together with you.

6. Find the right construction company

A couple sits across from a construction consultant and they shake hands.

Make several consultation appointments with different construction companies. This allows you to compare the companies and choose the one that gives you the best feeling.

Since building a home is a major undertaking that requires a lot of money and effort, it is extremely important the right construction partner to have by your side, who you trust, who can implement your wishes accordingly and who behaves reliably and transparently.

However, there is a large selection of companies that offer construction advice and implementation of house construction. Narrow your search to desired region and type of construction as well as the preferred house types a.

Be sure to which services are included when placing the order and which extra costs apply to which construction company can. Then make an appointment for a consultation with some of your favorites.

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