Renovation ideas for every room: Live more beautifully with these 4 tips

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Sometimes you just get tired of it: every morning you wake up in the same bedroom, cook in the same kitchen and leave the home through the same boring hallway without anything ever changing. How monotonous. It’s not that difficult to find a solution to boredom. It doesn’t matter whether you extensively renovate or just want to add a few new accents – we at give you that Renovation tips for every room at your fingertips, with which you can transform your rooms into true oases of well-being in no time.

1. Add more life to the living room with an accent wall and room dividers

Also think about the room climate

Various plants (such as ivy or the dwarf date palm) are characterized by a high air-purifying effect, helping to break down pollutants and humidifying the air in the room, but also fulfilling the function of a dust filter. In addition, by beautifying your living room with houseplants you can add natural accents. The Düsseldorf public utilities provides suitable plants here to improve the indoor climate.

The living room is usually the center of life and the family’s oasis of peace within their own four walls. People come here to eat together, watch TV and talk to each other or to spend time together with friends and relatives. It is all the more important that there is a feel-good atmosphere in such a central roomso that all family members and guests enjoy spending time there.

The easiest way to achieve a new room effect is with a new wall color. With the right color selection and design, the living room can both larger or smaller and wider or narrower look. But don’t worry: That doesn’t mean you have to paint all the walls – sometimes just painting one wall is enough to add a color accent.

Such an accent wall can, for example, highlight a sofa, a comfortable armchair or a decorative shelf that stands in front of this wall. For particularly large living rooms, it can make sense to divide them with a room divider. For example, an open shelf, a curtain or a permanently installed sliding door can serve as a visual room divider.

room divider in the living room

In large rooms, a room divider makes the area appear less empty; in smaller rooms, you can use it to clearly separate two different areas.

2. Interior magic in the bedroom with an eye-catcher on the bed

We spend a large part of our lives in the bedroom. This should under no circumstances appear overloaded: When it comes to furniture, limit yourself to the essentials, namely a bed, wardrobe, bedside cabinets and, depending on the space you have, possibly a comfortable armchair or a decorative dressing and dressing table.

If you urgently need storage space, you can also create space above the bed, for example in the form of a shelf as a headboard or a complete shelf wall that frames the headboard of the bed. If there is currently only a blank white wall behind the bed, You should invest some time and patience in designing it and make it a visual eye-catcher. There are many options:

  • Motif wall or photo wallpaper (directs the eye to the bed and sets the mood of the room)
  • Curtain at the headboard (gives the bed a flair of coziness and romance)
  • Wall stickers or freehand painting (if you are artistically talented, you can use your own brush and create a piece of individuality)
  • Picture frames with personal photos or classic motifs (don’t just think of classic rectangular formats, but, for example, several pictures in hexagon format or round pictures)

The floor should not be ignored when renovating the bedroom. If there is no carpet in the bedroom, but parquet or laminate, you can Provide more homeliness with smaller, strategically placed fluffy carpets in the room. A large fluffy rug that sticks out from under the bed protects barefoot sleepers from the cold when they get up.

bedroom with walk-in closet

If you have the space for it, you would be well advised to have a walk-in closet: whether you close it with a curtain, transparent sliding doors or otherwise is just a question of your personal sense of style.

3. Beautify tiles in the kitchen and bathroom with stickers, varnish, etc.

Even functional rooms such as the kitchen and bathroom can easily be spruced up. The floor and wall tiles are often the problem in these rooms: too old, too boring, no longer up to date. There are numerous options available to you to cover these up. For example, wall tiles can be easily covered with tile stickers or tile foil.

Danger: As a rule, this type of tile decoration is only suitable for wall tiles, as most tile stickers and films do not have the slip resistance required for floor areas. Therefore, when purchasing, pay attention to products that have been specifically identified by the manufacturer as being suitable for floor tiles if you do not want to do without them.

You can also set new accents in your tiled rooms with tile paint or tile varnish. But unfortunately this method is also rather unsuitable for floor tiles – The risk of the paint chipping off again due to frequent use is too great.

True renovation professionals who want to put more time and effort into the “bathroom and kitchen beautification” project can use tiles plaster and paint over to smooth the wall, or stick over the old tiles with new tiles if there is sufficient load-bearing capacity. Another option is to cover the unsightly tiles with drywall – amateurs in the DIY sector should rely on the support of an expert.

modern tiled bathroom

A bathroom decorated in light colors invites you to linger and relax. Different tile shapes provide some relaxation without jeopardizing the harmonious overall picture.

4. Structure in the hallway with light wall colors and easy-care floors

The most underestimated room in the entire apartment is probably the hallway: quickly put on your jacket and shoes, take a final look in the mirror and get out. This place hardly invites you to linger. However, you shouldn’t neglect this room in your renovation plans, after all it is the first thing guests see when they enter your apartment – and the first impression counts immensely.

Such walk-through rooms are often small, narrow and, because there is no window, dark. Light wall colors counteract an oppressive feeling. Creating storage space is the be-all and end-all here. With a small, padded bench that hobbyists can easily build themselves, you not only make it easier to put on and take off your shoes, but you also have additional storage space under the bench for your shoes.

So that you always have your house keys, car keys, etc. at hand, a board with hooks is ideal for the wall. With a little skill, you can color it according to your own ideas to create a colorful accent. When it comes to soil, you should note: that your entrance area is a room that is constantly frequented – often with street shoes. An easy-care floor is essential.

Tip: Choose floor coverings such as vinyl and laminate, which are easy to care for, durable and easy to clean.

entrance area furnishings

Everything has its place: Open cupboards have the advantage that jackets, scarves and other textiles are always within easy reach.

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