Garden decoration winter: 3 tips for a winter oasis of well-being

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garden decoration winter snow garden house

The labor-intensive time of the autumn months is over and peace returns to the garden. Nevertheless, the garden does not have to look desolate over the winter months. Because the beginning of the cold season also means that it’s not long until Christmas time.

So it’s not surprising that garden lovers want to make their beloved oasis of well-being pretty even at this time of year. With a few tricks and Tips Turn your garden into a dreamlike winter landscape. After all, winter is all about reindeer and snow crystals.

1. Bring color into winter

Garden decoration winter lanterns on the garden fence

Lanterns as garden decorations in winter provide light and dynamism.

Plants that overwinter in the garden need protection from the cold and frost. But the important winter protection doesn’t have to be boring. For a decorative design, there is a large selection of colorful fleece or jute hoods for roses and other sensitive perennials.

In addition to the protective function, the garden is also visually enhanced. Funny fleece hoods are available with Santa Claus or reindeer motifs. These protective covers become visually eye-catching when decorated with long ribbons. This way you can create colorful accents in the garden and at the same time protect your plants from wind and snow.

In addition to all the decoration options, you don’t have to do without plants even in winter. Specific Perennials and hardy flowering plants for the flowerbed bring variety in winter. We have put together a range of hardy plants for you:

  • Bluebell
  • forget Me Not
  • Blue fescue
  • Pipe grass
  • Boxwood
  • Wintergreen oak
  • hydrangea
  • Dwarf lilac

2. Accessories complete the garden design

Accessories complete the overall impression of the garden. If you want to be stylish, you will also pay attention to these small and usually quite inexpensive decorative elementsthat they fit the overall ensemble. A strict, clear garden concept also requires clear shapes and colors when it comes to accessories.

Decoration Description
  • Candles are particularly relevant in winter.
  • They bring light and warmth into the rather desolate landscape.
  • When cleverly placed, lanterns create a pleasant and sparkling ambience in the garden or on the terrace.
  • Collect fruits such as nuts, chestnuts or rose hips well before the start of winter.
  • This can be used to create wonderful homemade garden decorations.
  • If you’re desperately waiting for snow, but it just doesn’t want to snow, then make sure it’s white yourself.
  • With cotton wool and a little creativity you can conjure up a white winter landscape.
  • Then place the collected nuts and fruits decoratively on the cotton wool.

Wreaths made of fir branches and fruits make a wonderful decoration for the entrance and garden doors.

3. Design your garden with lighting accents

Torches provide warmth

Torches can provide dynamism and warmth. To do this, simply place them in the garden and light them. Garden torches can be bought cheaply from any online store.

The color white makes the garden appear bright and elegant. It brings bright color points even in the dark season. White comes into its own especially at dusk, when other colors can no longer be perceived. In addition, white is a true team player and can be combined very well with other colors. For example, white with red looks very festive. Red also goes well with winter and the Christmas season.

There are almost no limits to your imagination. Regardless of whether individual snowmen or Santa Clauses or, rather, entire groups: The festive decoration is sure to enhance your winter garden. If you want to enhance the festive impression, add plenty of silvery decorative items.

Light accents emphasize the garden. They are particularly effective at night. You can attach fairy lights to the walls of your house or to bushes and trees. Decorating with light is very practical. A festive atmosphere is created without much effort and the lighting is too fast removed again.

Bare trees look quite pretty when decorated with fairy lights. At the same time, illuminating individual branches and twigs creates an almost mystical atmosphere.

  • View lanterns on

garden decoration winter nativity scene

In winter you can buy garden decorations to match the holidays.

4. Further questions and answers about garden decoration in winter

In the final section of our buying advice, we at answer two further questions that our readers asked about garden decoration in winter.

4.1. What should I pay attention to when buying garden decorations for the winter?

garden decoration winter lanterns on the tree

Garden decorations in winter should provide light and warmth. Instructions for DIY lanterns can be found online.

As beautiful and colorful as the garden decoration is, you should make sure when purchasing that the decoration is weather-resistant. This is particularly important in winter. At no other time of year are garden decorations exposed to such different weather influences.

Only if you’re on Quality Make sure you can enjoy your pretty decoration for a long time. It’s better to spend a little more here. Real bargain hunters always buy winter decorations after Christmas for the next winter season.

Then all garden centers want to make room for spring items and winter items are often half discounted.

4.2. How do I protect sensitive plants?

If you have sensitive plants in your garden, they need to be protected. There are various ways you can keep moisture and cold away from your plants:

  • mulch,
  • fir branches,
  • linen bags,
  • Raffia or coconut mats

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