Broken window pane – does insurance pay?

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Glass insurance covers broken windows
Glass can be found in abundance in our apartments and houses, even if we don’t realize it at first. It is all the more important that we the objects made of glass protect as best as possible. Glass insurance can be added as an add-on Household contents insurance or building insurance locked and is used in the event of glass breakage.

But is glass insurance really necessary? In the following guide we will show you what is included the insurance coverage a glass insurance falls, how expensive it is whether it is tax deductible and in which cases It’s worth it, so you’re well advised, how profitable it is for you to take out glass insurance.

1. What is insured with glass insurance?

Before taking out insurance, whether household contents or building insurance, you should always find out: what damages and costs are covered by this and what falls under the insurance cover. As the name suggests, glass insurance covers various types of glass breakage.

Under the protection of glass insurance This also applies to personal negligence including the following damage:

  • window panes
  • Plates such as ceramic hobs, glass ceramic or induction hobs including electronics
  • Glass blocks
  • Profiled glass
  • Dome lights
  • Mirrors and showcases
  • Glass shower
  • Aquarium or terrarium

The insurance policy states whether such cases are insured and the cost of the repair as well as other tasks that come with it, such as Clean-up work and disposal of damaged objectsto be adopted.

It is important to know that there are no costs for insurance Scratches or scuffs takes over, since these are not breaks, but rather about optical defects acts. In order to take advantage of the insurance cover, you must the object was badly damaged and unusable be.

As a rule, you can get one at FRIDAY Take out glass insurance online and quite comfortably via your cell phone or laptop. Here you can take out glass insurance as an additional service to household contents insurance complete.

2. How much does glass insurance cost?

Household contents and building insurance vs. glass insurance

Household contents insurance primarily covers damage caused by fire or burglary. Many providers do not include furniture or objects such as aquariums in their insurance coverage. Building insurance, on the other hand, includes protection for window panes or glass fronts, but is usually only limited to damage caused by fire or storms. Both insurance policies exclude the coverage of damage caused by your own fault, in contrast to glass insurance.

How much glass insurance costs depends on various factors. As a rule, the providers a flat rate for glass insurance fixed, but the contributions may differ from the average sum. In principle, the costs for glass insurance usually depend on the following factors:

  • the number of square meters
  • your place of residence
  • Your damages in the past

Most of the time it is the cost a relatively small sum from around 30 to 50 €. However, some providers set the costs higher, so that they charge around €100 for glass insurance. The contributions depend accordingly on the living space and the place of residence especially from the provider away.

Since it is also possible with certain providers, only individual objects To be covered by glass insurance, there is a possibility that the costs depend on the value of the property open up. These are usually lower than glass insurance for the entire property was completed.

Tip: If the building for which the glass insurance was taken out is used commercially, the costs incurred are deductible. Glass insurance costs are also generally tax deductible for landlords.

3. Does glass insurance make sense for tenants?

A broken mirror is also a case for glass insurance

A broken mirror is also a case for glass insurance.

In general, glass insurance makes sense Glass items are more fragile than others and therefore break more quickly. As a tenant in a rental apartment, you are generally less dependent on glass insurance. The reason for this is mainly because you in the event of broken glass on windows or glass doors are covered by the insurance that your landlord has taken out.

However, in some cases it is advisable to take out glass insurance, for example if you:

  • own numerous glass furniture and mirrors that were expensive to purchase
  • Own an aquarium or terrarium
  • Own your own solar systems – for example a balcony power plant
  • have your own kitchen with ceramic hob.

If you only have a few glass items, glass insurance is available in rental apartments not absolutely necessary. In any case, you should a cost statement do and calculate whether glass insurance has any benefit or whether it would be more expensive than an independent new purchase a damaged item.

In general, glass insurance makes sense in many cases, especially for owners and landlords. Especially at Buildings with lots of glass elements and high window panes Glass insurance is a strong option as an add-on to Home contents insurance or building insurance Complete, as objects made of glass fronts can quickly be damaged in storms.

However, the costs for glass insurance are higher for owners who use the residential building exclusively for private purposes not tax deductible.

Glass insurance generally makes sense even if: children in your household live here because of riots Objects such as mirrors or the showcase be damaged quickly. In order not to have to pay the replacement costs yourself in the event of such damage, glass insurance is ideal.

Danger: Glass insurance does not cover every glass item that is damaged. Decorative items such as vases, dishes, glasses or electronic devices such as televisions or cell phones are not covered by glass insurance. This is where item insurance comes into play.

4. Is glass insurance worth it?

Glass insurance pays the costs for broken windows not only as a result of a break-in, but also if the property is your own fault.

Glass insurance covers the costs of broken windows not only as a result of a break-in, but also if the property is your own fault.

Glass insurance is generally very worthwhile because the costs are quite low are, but the insurance is still there assumes a lot of damage.

Perhaps the most crucial factor in purchasing glass insurance is the cost of damaged items not only in the event of storms, but also in cases of personal negligence are covered, whereas with household contents or building insurance costs are only covered if they due to burglary, storm or similar caused.

It is also advantageous that the damaged objects are replaced at new value, so that in the event There is no loss of value if the glass breaks have to accept.

Also damage in the event of a break-in Any damage that may arise are covered by glass insurance and the objects will be replaced.

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