Build your own garden sauna

Build your own garden sauna: This is how it works

Sauna house in the garden with outdoor facilities

A sauna in the garden, too Garden sauna or outdoor sauna house called, offers a number of advantages. You can enjoy the stressful and hard working day in peace and without strangers. Cooling down is also much easier than with an indoor sauna. All you need is a garden shower or a small pool.

If you also extrapolate the cost of weekly sauna visits, owning your own sauna will be cheaper in the long run. Especially when the whole family uses them. But for the construction you not only need the space and the financial possibilities, you also have to take a few things into account. Only certain types of wood are suitable for a sauna.

If you want it to be more convenient and quicker, you can also buy a ready-made module and set it up in the garden. Some providers produce minimalist and modern outdoor sauna houses that are not only characterized by an unusual and unique design, but are also made from fine wood. The kusbus-shaped one Suncube sauna is a very good example of this. This sauna consists of one Spruce wood facade. And the high-quality interior trim was also removed Scandinavian spruce wood made, while the benches and backrests are made of durable Abachi wood were produced.

You can also use other types of wood for a DIY sauna. The properties the wood should have are described in more detail below.

What else is important when building an outdoor sauna? Depending on the size, one could Building permit to be required. If you would like to own your own garden sauna, you will find out below what options do-it-yourselfers have to build an outdoor sauna themselves.

Building permit for garden saunas and garden houses

Before you put your sauna in the garden and possibly have to pour a foundation, you should Inform the responsible building authority for details. As with all major construction and renovation projects, you may need a permit for this.

Construction law An outdoor sauna is considered a garden house and is therefore subject to the building law of the respective federal state. You can build these up to a certain volume without having to deal with the building authorities. However, if this volume is exceeded without permission, there is a risk of high fines or even the demolition of the garden sauna.

But also the Distances to neighboring property must be taken into account. As a rule, a garden shed must be three meters away from the property. However, this regulation also depends on the respective regulations and can be requested from the city’s municipal office.

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Which sauna wood is best?

Outdoor sauna with abachi wood

Abachi wood is suitable for the interior of the outdoor sauna.

The right wood is the most important component for a good and long-lasting sauna. Because some types of wood become resinous at high temperatures. Furthermore, should Sauna wood have as small knots as possible and do not splinter. Many manufacturers therefore use exclusively solid and stable types of wood from the Nordic countries.

This is particularly popular the wood of the Finnish polar spruce, also called Nordic spruce. Due to the extreme weather conditions of the Arctic Circle, this type of spruce grows only slowly. This densely grown wood ensures good insulation for years and keeps the climate inside the sauna stable.

The same is true of wood the Canadian hemlock fir suitable that is durable and easy to process.

Abachi wood is preferred for the interior of the outdoor sauna. Even at high temperatures, it retains little heat, which is why particularly suitable for loungers and benches. In addition, the trees only have a few branches and are among the fast-growing tree species in the African rainforest.

No matter what type of wood you ultimately choose, the only important thing is that it is used Wooden planks must be at least 40 mm thick. Otherwise it could happen that the heat is not stored sufficiently and the sauna effect is lost.

Build an outdoor sauna with a ready-made kit

Building a sauna in the garden follows the same principle as building a garden shed, provided you use suitable types of wood. With a kit Do-it-yourselfers build their own outdoor sauna. These are available in different designs: From round, barrel-shaped saunas to small huts and sauna houses with an anteroom, there is something for everyone.

But first you have to Electricity and water pipes be relocated, which you should take into account when planning and the location of the house.

Windows and doors of the garden sauna

This is especially true with a sauna in the garden important that the windows are well insulated, otherwise too much heat will escape. For this reason, most saunas only have a few, small windows. In addition, the door to the sauna room should not lead directly outside, as a lot of heat is lost when entering and leaving in winter.

Therefore, larger outdoor saunas have an anteroom, by being able to undress and sometimes even take a shower.

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Outdoor sauna area

You should also design the area around the sauna. Easily flammable plants or a dry meadow in summer could be problematic in the immediate vicinity of the sauna. Therefore, you should clear the area and choose a different floor covering around the sauna. For this purpose, e.g. B. Lay slabs made of natural stone. These are easy to care for and also easy to clean.

Own Finnish saunas There is often a small pool with hot water outside. Finns relax there after a sauna session and end the evening in the fresh air. Especially in a large garden, a small pool is a good addition to the garden sauna. A whirlpool in the garden is a suitable alternative.

Although you are in your garden for yourself, you should protect from the prying eyes of neighbors. If you don’t have an anteroom in your outdoor sauna where you can undress and dress, you should think about a privacy screen. This is particularly useful if there is a small pool outdoors.

Shielded by a screen Prepare for your visit to the sauna in peace and then relax without being watched by attentive neighbors.

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