Using solar energy in apartments: 4 tips for tenants

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Solar systems for generating private electricity are becoming increasingly attractive.

The use of renewable energies is becoming more and more attractive due to climate change, rising electricity prices and unrestricted dependence on suppliers. Producing electricity independently and so on to cover part of the electricity requirements independentlynot only protects your wallet in the long term, but also wears to greener energy production at.

Anyone who owns their own home can usually decide for themselves whether they want to a solar system on the roof or garage would like to attach, but as a tenant of an apartment it is some legal matters to consider. In this guide you will find out what options you have as a tenant what types of solar systems can be considered.

1. What are the possible uses of solar energy in homes?

Anyone who thinks about it a solar system in a rental property In principle, there are different options for how or where you can attach them, namely:

  • on the balcony
  • on the terrace
  • in the garden
  • on the house wall
  • on the roof

When deciding on a specific system, the cost factor is also important the individual conditions of the apartment at. In any case, the solar system should be positioned so that it as much direct sunlight as possible to be able to efficiently produce and store solar energy for your home.

If there is a balcony you can enter Buy balcony power plant and attach, which consists of one or two modules and is simple on the railing of the balcony can be attached. This can be connected via a plug and thanks to an integrated inverter private generation of electricity a piece of cake.

So can solar energy is used directly by supplying household appliances such as the refrigerator, washing machine or television directly with the electricity produced.

This is especially useful if you an apartment in an apartment building rent, which includes apartments from different landlords, as it is usually more difficult here to reach an agreement about itwhether a solar system can be placed on the roof or not.

In some circumstances it is also possible as a tenant a larger facility to install and use solar energy in the apartment. This can, for example, be installed over a large area on the roof and so on solar energy into electricity for your own consumption transform.

2. What rights do I have as a tenant?

When planning solar systems, a cost-benefit check should always be carried out.

When planning solar systems, a cost-benefit check should always be carried out.

Before You by installing a solar system in your rental apartment start, some legal matters need to be clarified. First of all, you have to the landlord gives his consent because the apartment is his property, even if you use it as your home. Become frequent the effort and costs of purchase and installation are the point of contentionthis one higher for a certain period of time than the benefit gained from it.

This is also one of the reasons for rejecting the photovoltaic system the changed look of the housewhich in some cases is considered unsightly by the landlord.

However, the other way round applies: If the landlord decides independently, a solar system on the roof of the house to install is this to be accepted by the tenant. Although the tenant can object, this will only granted in rare cases and by the way, it usually doesn’t make sense because it’s cheaper to use solar power as electricity from the provider. However, there is no obligation for the tenant to the electricity generated privately by the landlord to decrease.

As a tenant of a single-family home two types of leases a common way to be able to use solar energy generated privately:

tenancy agreement Services
Lease of the roof by tenants
  • The tenant leases the roof from the landlord
  • The tenant is responsible for the costs associated with installing the solar system
Leasing of the solar system by the landlord
  • The landlord installs a solar system
  • The landlord leases these to the tenant

Even if tenants and landlords agree to install a solar system, it must first be checked whether the people living in the surrounding houses or apartments will be disturbed by the solar system Reflections of the sun and therefore glare can be produced.

Before connecting A few points must also be taken into account:

  1. You must register the system with the network operator and the Federal Network Agency, even if it is only a mini PV system.
  2. If necessary, a digital electricity meter must be installed. This is the case if you have not had a digital electricity meter until recently. However, this is a condition for the use of solar systems and must therefore also be purchased.

Tip: In some cases, a provision for installing a solar system is already included in the rental agreement. In any case, be sure to read your rental agreement before planning more precisely. However, you should still contact your landlord in this case so that arrangements can be made without any problems.

3. How useful is using solar energy in homes?

To calculate the actual benefits of solar energy, you have to all costs are offset become. This starts with the financing of the solar system, the storage system and, if necessary, the digital electricity meterwhich is not funded, and also closes the effort resulting from planning, installation and the time requiredwith a.

Digital electricity meter

A digital electricity meter is now mandatory for all new buildings and has the advantage that it measures in much more detail than an analogue electricity meter. Analogue electricity meters are to be replaced in the coming years by 2032. The measuring point operator responsible for you is responsible for the replacement, which is why you do not have to take care of the replacement yourself.

The general rule: The more you use the electricity that you produce at home through your own solar systems, the more profitable it is to purchase. Within a few years The acquisition costs are balanced by the benefits and from then on it is only profitable.

Especially at times when… electricity prices are rising rapidlyit makes sense to resort to alternatives and to generate electricity independently. Since less electricity has to be purchased from providers when you use solar energy, additional costs also fall. This way you are not like that strong fluctuations in energy prices and the associated additional costs affected.

Tip: Renewable energies also have a positive effect on CO2 emissions and the consumption of fossil fuels, so you are also doing something good for the environment, which is an important argument for using solar energy.

4. What financing or funding options are there?

Some funding programs provide assistance when it comes to financing solar systems.

Some funding programs provide assistance when it comes to financing solar systems.

There are various funding programsthat will support you in financing your solar system. However, this is dependent on the type of solar system and your state or citywhere you live. Mini PV systems are usually subsidized by the individual federal states with up to 500 euros. But also individual cities or municipalities provide grants of 100 to 600 euros. Since it is here no fixed regulations for funding the funding varies from city to city.

But there are more that can be done Federal funding programs in support of the Financing of PV systems pull in. It is an indirect support program for photovoltaics the tax reduction from previously 19% to 0% when purchasing PV systems and battery storage and beyond the feed-in tariff for excess electricity into the public grid.

In addition, she forgives KfW low-interest loans, with which the photovoltaic systems can be financed. In this way you can high additional costs due to interest avoided and financing made more attractive, so that the purchase of a solar system becomes more profitable.

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