Seesaw in the garden: 3 overviews of types, safety and self-construction

seesaw in the garden made of wood

In addition to the swing and the slide, a seesaw is part of the basic equipment for a playground. Children have fun with the play equipment, depending on their character or mood both cozy and thrill-seeking can be. But this fun doesn’t have to be limited to playgrounds. One You can either buy a seesaw in the garden or build it yourself and, with the right precautions, offers a lot of fun for everyone involved.

At we show what is particularly important for a seesaw in the garden. This includes one Guidance regarding safety as well as coordination with the age of the children who should play on it.

1. What selection of rockers is there?

The most common seesaw is one in which children can bounce up and down on a flat or round bar by pushing themselves off the ground with their legs. But there are others too Seesaws that are more suitable for different age groups. And even with the regular rockers there are differences in height and materials.

Seesaw type Old characteristics
Rocking seesaw from 1 year
  • The focus is on the ground
  • practically no fall height, more safety for the baby
  • usually made of wood or plastic
Spring rocker ~ 2 – 6 years
  • for one person or with several seats
  • multicolored and often decorated with animal motifs
  • low fall height
Seesaw ~ 3 – 16 years
  • Depending on the height, it can be used as a seesaw for small children or for older children
  • made of wood, plastic or metal
Carousel seesaw ~ 3 – 16 years
  • 360° rotatable rocker
  • high space requirement
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Spring rocker with anchoring

A spring rocker in the garden, firmly anchored in the ground.

2. Anchoring is essential for most seesaws

Especially for smaller children who don’t have to carry so much weight, some rockers are suitable without being fixed to the ground without losing stability.

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The older and heavier and, above all, more adventurous the children become, the more important it is that the seesaw is fixed in the garden is, regardless of whether you buy the seesaw or build it yourself. A ground anchor is required for spring rockers anyway, but also Regular rockers require anchoring at a certain point.

Seesaws made from a wooden trunk are suitable for building yourself

A simple seesaw made from a round trunk is ideal for building yourself.

If you are building your own, this will be one of the final steps. Beforehand, you need to gather the materials. It is advisable the processing of a wooden trunk as a seat, as the curve makes it possible to sit without additional assembly. The following steps must be taken into account:

  1. log Choose a container with a length of at least 3 m and a diameter of 15 cm.
  2. flat ground for the seesaw in the garden.
  3. two wooden posts at least 1 m long screw it crosswise to another wooden post about 25 cm long and twist.
  4. rocker bearing or screw a comparable joint to the cross post.
  5. Wooden posts 50 cm deep into the ground concrete inlet the concrete dry.
  6. Determine the center of the log and attach to the rocker bearing.

Notice: For wooden rockers it is necessary to apply a glaze twice a year to protect the wood from the weather.

3. Safety precautions are part of good construction

A tire cushions the rocker and provides safety

A rubber tire cushions the hard impact of the seesaw on the ground.

Especially with older children, it doesn’t make sense to only use a seesaw under adult supervision. Children should be able to play on the seesaw outside in the garden without any unusual risk of injury. Next to the careful one Anchoring the bracket There are therefore other aspects to consider before the seesaw in the garden can be considered complete.

If you buy the seesaw, you should buy one TÜV seal pay attention or follow reliable purchasing adviceto ensure good workmanship.

Doesn’t the rocker already have it? Handles, these must be installed. This is more of an aspect of self-made wooden rockers. Approximately 50 cm from both ends of the rocker Handles, usually made of wood or stainless steel, are screwed on.

Finally, what remains to cushion the hard impact of the seesaw on the ground. Both to avoid putting strain on the children’s bodies and to increase the lifespan of the seesaw. The method that has proven successful here is dig half a car tire into the ground at the end of the beam. This is cheap when reusing old tires and good suspension when rocking.

4. Further questions about the seesaw in the garden

Running rocker

The running rocker differs from most other rockers where the sitting position predominates. With the rocker, balance is practiced on a board with rungs and coordination and self-confidence are developed.

Unlike many other toys, the rocker is not a purchase that can quickly disappear under the bed after a short period of use. Especially after anchoring it is part of the garden image in the long term. Therefore, a purchase or construction project should be carefully considered. To provide a comprehensive overview, we have answered additional questions about the seesaw:

4.1. What is promoted by rocking?

Seesaws and swings promote the sense of balance as well as Sense of motor skills. In addition, rocking can be done social skills increase. Especially with the regular two-person seesaw, positive and negative effects of one’s own actions on the seesaw partner are immediately recognizable, so the learning effect from this is often immediate.

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4.2. Are there rockers that can be used alone or as a couple?

Rocking rockers with three seats can Can be used by two or three children as well as by one child alone, if it sits in the middle. However, they are more suitable for small children.

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