JGA garden party: 3 tips for a bachelor party in the countryside

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jga in the garden

The majority of bachelor parties traditionally take place from May to October. Included there are countless ways to celebrate this occasion – from cozy get-togethers to wild party nights. The location doesn’t have to be that unusual: a garden can be enough to easily realize all ideas and wishes for your own bachelor party.

After all, it doesn’t always have to be the big city where the last big party before the wedding is properly celebrated. We’ll show you here at Heimwerker.de, what’s important at the JGA garden party and give you valuable tips, ideas and suggestions.

1. A relaxed and personal garden party as a bachelorette party requires a lot of planning

table in the garden

A bachelor party in the garden can be designed entirely according to your own wishes.

A Bachelor parties in the garden offer several advantages, but can also have some disadvantages. We have summarized them here for you:


  • A garden party costs significantly less than an organized celebration in a pub, where the landlord also wants to earn something.
  • Celebrations in the garden are generally much more relaxed than those in a club.
  • Garden parties offer the opportunity to plan games with the bachelor that are fun for everyone involved and not too embarrassing for the person concerned.


  • There are no external service providers who take over the planning – everything from the organization to construction and dismantling has to be done in-house.
  • In gardens, allotment gardeners often have stricter rules.
  • Quiet hours often have to be observed after 10 p.m. in order not to disturb neighbors.

As a rule, there is always someone in your circle of friends who has a home with a large plot of land or at least an allotment garden – and if the friends are all too young for such things, then it’s worth asking their parents.

2. Seating, food, music and decoration: that’s all you need for a garden party

tattoos for bachelor parties

Matching temporary tattoos for the bride and guests are a popular gadget for bachelorette parties.

Once everything has been clarified, the actual planning of the garden party for the outdoor bachelorette party can begin. You don’t really need much, we have one here Checklist of things that might be useful to you:

Furnishing Ideas for implementation
  • Garden chairs and tables are usually already available in the garden or are organized by friends and neighbors.
  • Make sure there are enough seating options availableso that your guests can also relax.
Food and drinks
  • The The basis for food can be bratwursts, steaks and vegetarian and vegan alternatives from the grill.
  • Around Salads and desserts It’s best for one part of the group to take care of things while another buys drinks or agrees to Mixing cocktails.
  • Also Catering service providers can provide support with food and drinks and also take care of the JGA party in the garden.
  • Music can come from your own system either played and organized via a playlist or by a music-loving guest as a DJ on site.
  • If a talented bachelor party participant brings his guitar and then a small campfire can be lit, nothing stands in the way of a cozy and rustic bachelor party.
  • When decorating Everything can be designed according to your mood using DIY decorations or purchased party packages. Buying advice can help you buy suitable products cheaply.
  • Stands and dishes for the tables are practical and can be chosen according to the motto.
  • Balloons, garlands and lights give the garden a special and festive flair.

Personalized decorations, as well as specially made cakes or a playlist with all of the bride’s favorite songs: This way you can give the JGA garden party a very personal and emotional touch.

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3. Between action and chilling: the mix makes the bachelor party

friends with food

A picnic in the garden can be the perfect end to an action-packed day.

Action despite the garden party

Why not combine the best of a classic bachelor party and celebration in the countryside? The obligatory tour of the city could take place in the morning, followed by a hands-on activity in the garden in the afternoon.

There are countless options for activities at a bachelorette garden party and there are no limits to your creativity. We have collected some suggestions for you here:

  • Outdoor photo shoot in the garden: Photos taken by a professional photographer or simply fooling around in front of the self-timer are a valuable memory of the bachelorette garden party.
  • Home theater: A screen, bean bags or blankets with pillows, popcorn and drinks create a cozy home cinema experience in your garden.
  • Games evening: From Activity and Trivial Pursuit to Singstar or Boccia – the selection of games is large. It’s best to know the instructions and rules of the game beforehand.
  • Ring in the garden party with action: Two hours at paintball, in the climbing garden or on the go-kart track are the perfect way to get in the mood for a fun-filled or quiet evening between your own four fences.
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4. Questions and answers about the JGA garden party

Finally, we will answer you here some questions about the JGA in the garden.

4.1. Which traditions of a JGA can also be used at a garden party?

friends at the barbecue

There are no regulations for the guest list and organization of the bachelor party.

Basically Bachelor parties take place separately by gender. However, this custom is of course not mandatory, Men and women can celebrate together at any timeif that is desired.

A common custom is that… Groomsmen plan the bachelor party. This is also possible at a garden party for the JGA.

That bride or groom Selling things from a convenience store or playing games in public However, this is less possible at a JGA as a garden party – which could perhaps also be an argument for such a celebration in your own garden.

4.2. How does a JGA as a garden party succeed despite bad weather?

grilling in the rain

Ideally, you should already be prepared for bad weather.

Bad weather doesn’t necessarily have to mean the end of a JGA in the garden. We have collected various solutions here to keep you in a good mood despite bad weather:

  • rain protection: With an awning, pavilion or tent, you can stay dry in the rain and have some shade when the sun shines.
  • Weatherproof grills: Grill hoods protect against wind and rain.
  • Radiant heater: Radiant heaters provide reliable warmth and can often be easily rented.
  • Fire bowl or fire basket: These not only ensure a cozy atmosphere, but also warmth and comfort despite uncomfortable weather.

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