Premium sauna in your own garden: sauna types, costs and planning

Many home and landowners are just as happy about having a garden on their property as they are about their own four walls. The freedom of design that comes with having your own piece of land can be used in a variety of ways. A pool and sauna are often at the top of the wish list. While the construction and operation of a pool is very time-consuming and costly, the effort required for a sauna is manageable. So why not have your own garden sauna? In the following article we want to give you the most important steps to having your own premium garden sauna.

Premium garden sauna: costs, tips and what you should pay attention to.

We clarify the following questions:

  1. Which types of garden saunas are available?
  2. What costs should be expected for a garden sauna?
  3. Is a building permit required to build a sauna in the garden?

We will concentrate on purchasing and assembling a finished sauna kit. For higher demands in the premium range, it is necessary to commission a professional service provider to provide one to have a high-quality premium garden sauna built. If you are handy and have enough time and experience, you can of course build a sauna completely yourself. This article is a good start for building on your own.

1. Which garden saunas are available?

First, a distinction is made between various types of sauna, including those models that you can place in your own garden. The different sauna types, along with a brief explanation, can be found in the following table:

Sauna type Features, advantages and disadvantages
Classic steam bath
  • In contrast to the sauna, you can expect not only the revitalizing heat but also very high humidity
  • The steam bath is not as hot as the classic sauna
  • The humidity cleanses your pores and strengthens your immune system
  • You can often find steam baths with Roman, Turkish or Irish roots in wellness centers
Finnish sauna
  • Here you will experience the classic sauna with temperatures of 90 to 100 °C
  • It is the best-known and most popular type of sauna in Germany with its Scandinavian roots
  • The stone oven also serves as a heat engine for relaxed sauna use in the Finnish premium sauna for your garden
Infrared sauna
  • The infrared sauna works at significantly lower temperatures of 40 to 50 °C
  • The infrared radiation creates deep heat that warms your body from the inside
  • It is particularly suitable for sauna beginners or people with circulatory problems

There are also many other subtypes and possible combinations, such as the more unusual “disco sauna”, the natural “bio sauna” or the discreet “textile sauna”. However, these hardly differ in design from the Finnish sauna or the classic steam bath, but simply have certain sauna rules – for example in the textile sauna – or features such as music and a disco ball.

Premium materials, design and size of the sauna determine the costs of building and operating a garden sauna.

Premium materials, design and size of the sauna determine the costs of building and operating a garden sauna.

2. The costs: How expensive is a garden sauna to buy?

The price for installing a premium garden sauna depends on various factors:

  1. Size & features: The quality and quantity of building materials used and other furnishing elements such as glazing, small vestibules, benches, etc. determine the corresponding price.
  2. Design: From the classic, new wooden shed to unusual sauna barrels to premium garden saunas in a modern design made of glass, wood and concrete, the prices vary accordingly.
  3. Individual factors: If a foundation has to be built during construction or if certain connections for electricity etc. have to be laid, the costs can increase again.

Simple garden saunas can be purchased for as little as €1,500. There is a fairly large selection of options in the range between €3,000 and €7,000. Premium garden saunas, which are impressive in terms of content and appearance and are equipped with additional wellness functions, can cost between €10,000 and €30,000, depending on size and design.

3. Do I need a building permit for my sauna in the garden?

The answer is: no. A distinction is made depending on the federal state, where the requirements can vary greatly. In the new federal states, garden saunas or other building elements for the garden often fall into the category of “process-free projects” as long as they do not exceed a size of 10 square meters.

Important before you start construction:

In any case, we recommend that you contact the responsible building authority before you start planning for the garden sauna. You can find further information on this topic from the responsible building authorities for your federal state.

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