Dispose of bulky waste: This is how you can get rid of old furniture cheaply and stress-free

bulky waste on the side of the road

Anyone who has ever moved knows it: the old sofa no longer fits in the new apartment, the wardrobe cannot be dismantled and reassembled and the mattress has its best days behind it anyway. Old furniture typically ends up in bulky waste. Disposing of it yourself is quite uncomplicated and doesn’t have to be expensive.

Useful things can also be sold as part of clearing out an apartment. However, there are some things you should know in advance to save yourself stress. If you announce a house clearance in a big city and plan an open day, you could be in for a nasty surprise. Often the crowd is too big and you have a lot of strangers in your apartment without really having control over what is happening. Provided that it is not garbage, but rather well-preserved furniture or furnishings that can still be repaired.

A professional service provider can evaluate whether and what you can actually still sell and which furniture is bulky waste. You can find out how to properly dispose of your bulky waste here.

1. What options are there for disposing of bulky waste?

Depending on your budget, amount of waste and time urgency, there are different ways to dispose of your bulky waste.

A popular variant is bulky waste to be picked up by the municipal waste collection service. Many municipalities offer this one or two dates a year where the bulky waste from an entire urban area is collected. In more urgent cases, such as moving, you need one in advance Make an appointment for pickup. That’s why you should try to do this early on, because the garbage disposal often only gives appointments when it suits them.

container with waste

Private waste disposal companies deliver containers to an agreed address and collect them from there.

Private companies also offer the disposal of bulky waste. So you can have your own Buy containers or rent, which you fill and have the company pick up. For one Household clearance in Berlin Deadlines and appointments must also be adhered to if bailiffs or authorities have ordered a compulsory eviction from the apartment.

This option is not the cheapest, but it is a good option if you especially a lot at once dispose must. Plus you can do it so often If necessary, avoid a long waiting time for an appointment with bulky waste collection.

If you have some time and have your own or rented car, you can also collect your bulky waste dispose of it yourself at the recycling center. This is a cheap, often even free option. In addition, you will definitely get rid of waste such as electronics, flower pots or Styrofoam that are not necessarily taken away by the bulky waste collection service. However, you have to Transport and loading of the waste yourselfwhich may not be practical for larger quantities of bulky waste.

Finally, it is becoming more and more common to use old household items give away on the street or in the hallway or offer them on online portals. You have to make sure that you actually take the things with you within a few days, otherwise you will be stuck Owner remains responsible for them. This option is the best for your wallet and the environment.

Disposal method Advantages and disadvantages
Municipal garbage collection relatively cheap

x Appointments usually have to be made in advance

Rent containers worthwhile for large quantities of bulky waste

x relatively expensive

Recycling center free or very cheap

x Garbage must be transported to the recycling center yourself

give away for free

climate friendly

x If there is no buyer, the waste has to be disposed of elsewhere

2. What counts as bulky waste?

Basically are Household wastethe too bulky for household waste are, bulky waste. These typically include:

  • Old furniture: Sofas, chairs, tables, cupboards, dressers…
  • mattresses and beds
  • Scrap metal: Bicycles, clothes horse, slatted frame
  • Carpet
  • Suitcase

However, not everything can be disposed of as bulky waste. Do not belong to bulky waste:

  • Everything that belongs to the apartment: Doors, windows, tiles, laminate
  • Things that are too small for bulky waste: old wallpaper, clothing, waste, empty paint buckets
  • dangerous goodssuch as fluorescent tubes and batteries
  • Ceramicslike toilet bowls or old dishes
  • Construction site wastesuch as wood, concrete or building rubble

Danger: In Germany, each municipality regulates which waste is considered bulky waste and which is not. So find out about your city’s regulations in advance to avoid additional fees.

Electronic waste For example, you always get rid of waste at the recycling center, but not all garbage collectors take it. It is therefore important to find out about the regulations of your municipality beforehand.

3. How much does it cost to dispose of bulky waste?

recycling center-dispose of cardboard boxes

At many recycling centers, normal household quantities of bulky waste can be disposed of free of charge.

The costs for bulky waste disposal depend on which one method You decide how to dispose of it based on the amount of waste and how much waste you have local regulations. Small amounts on the Recycling center Disposing of it is often free of charge. Some farms charge fees, but these are usually manageable.

Municipal bulky waste collection is available in most municipalities one or two free appointments for collection per year. If you make an appointment yourself, costs may apply. The calculation is usually made in cubic meters; you can with about 20€ per cubic meter calculate. In larger cities it can take longer for a municipal facility to pick up the bulky waste. It’s much quicker with specialized online services. Even one can do that Bulky waste collection in Berlin can be booked online for private households and businesses.

With private providers you pay one flat rate price for one container, depending on the size of the container and the type of waste. You should do this with at least 35€ per cubic meter calculate.

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