How to choose kitchen set for small kitchen

How to choose kitchen set for small kitchenSmall apartments offer a lot of charm, but they tend to lack kitchen space. Luckily, there are plenty of small kitchen ideas that maximize storage and improve efficiency. Here are some tips you can apply to create the kitchen of your dreams, even in a limited space!

How to equip a small kitchen? What to pay attention to? Sometimes it can be difficult to figure out how to make a small space function according to our needs while remaining beautiful. Read on to find out how to choose kitchen set for small kitchen.

First, think about how you use your kitchen and where everything should be. There are things without which the kitchen is simply impossible, these are:

  • Plate;
  • fridge;
  • washing;
  • storage systems;
  • dinner Zone.

The sink, refrigerator and stove are key points in the kitchen space. This is the so-called “working triangle”, which you have probably already heard about. Include another element here – the food preparation area. Somewhere you need to butcher the chicken and cut vegetables for borscht, although the kitchen table is also suitable for this purpose.

Storage is one of the most important things, especially in a small kitchen. You must have enough space for food and kitchen utensils that will be used daily. Pots, pans, a supply of buckwheat in case of war – everything should be kept at hand, in a beautiful kitchen set.

The kitchen can also be a place to eat. A double table and a couple of chairs are all you need to organize a small dining area. Here you can drink morning coffee or feed the children dinner.

Start with a planHow to choose kitchen set for small kitchen

A furniture layout plan is important for any room size, but it is doubly important for a small kitchen! The goal is to understand what and where to place. Kitchen layout is much more than just furniture arrangement. Ergonomics and functionality also play a huge role. Correct height, providing enough space for comfortable movement, placement of appliances and ease of use will all affect your enjoyment of the room.

You can order the arrangement to the interior designer. In the language of professionals, such a plan is called a “planning decision”. And this is a paid service. It costs several times less than a full design project, but there will be more benefits. It is the “planning solution” that underlies all beautiful interior visualizations. Designers have extensive experience in designing premises, and are excellent at solving such tasks that seem impossible to you. Think about it, maybe in your case it makes sense to contact a specialist.

Or you can try to make a plan yourself. There are free kitchen planners on the Internet, there are already typical kitchen cabinets, cabinets and even household appliances. Measure all walls, mark doors, windows, pipes, ledges, niches and other features of the room. Then place on your plan all the items from the kitchen of your dreams. Be sure to leave room for aisles, opening cabinet doors, and moving chairs. Pay attention to the layout of the kitchen set, determine the best option for the location of the kitchen set – straight or corner. Check both configurations to see if you have enough storage space and free movement.

Straight kitchen setsHow to choose kitchen set for small kitchen

This is the simplest layout that allows you to save space without sacrificing functionality. The straight kitchen consists of cabinets installed along one wall. Can have top cabinets or shelving above base cabinets for a clean aesthetic. In this case, the traditional “working triangle” is not possible. So try putting the refrigerator on one end, the oven and stove in the middle, and the sink on the other. Pay attention to hanging cabinets up to the ceiling, they will help create additional storage space.

Corner kitchen setsHow to choose kitchen set for small kitchen

And this is the most practical option for a small kitchen of 6 or 8 sq.m. Ideal for tiny kitchens in Khrushchev. And while the corner requires some clever cabinetry solutions to make it functional, the corner kitchen still offers a lot of flexibility in placing appliances and work areas. This way you won’t lose valuable space that would normally be lost in a corner and you will reap huge benefits for your kitchen. As a bonus, you can create a small dining area in the opposite corner.

Modular kitchensHow to choose kitchen set for small kitchen

They give a unique opportunity to create a kitchen set from individual cabinet modules. Modern modular kitchens are a practical and, most importantly, affordable option. With thoughtful planning and a little design ability, you can get the kitchen of your dreams, no matter the size, without the help of specialists. All you have to do is choose a design, study all the available modules in the range, determine the type and number of cabinets and cabinets, and arrange them in the right order. Hundreds of our customers are already cooking in the new modular kitchens.

Kitchen color set for small kitchenHow to choose kitchen set for small kitchen

After you decide on the layout, you need to choose the color of the kitchen set that you want to use. We are sure that you already have your favorite color, and maybe even several. There is one point – the lighter the kitchen, the more it feels. Therefore, light neutral colors can be a lifesaver.

The lightest palette is, of course, completely white. White will help spread and reflect light around, which also makes the space appear larger. To prevent the room from appearing too white, use different shades of white or add different textures with curtains or wallpaper. Also, light gray and pale green colors look great. Light wood tones work well.

Minimize contrast with countertops and cabinets. Use colors that are different from the walls, but without much contrast. Choosing shades from the same color family is a useful strategy. Without sharp transitions from light to dark, your kitchen will look spacious and serene. No matter which color you choose, keep it consistent throughout.

And finally: some useful tipsHow to choose kitchen set for small kitchen

Remember about the “working triangle” and the cooking zone. You will need at least a meter between each point, and equally, no more than two meters to easily maneuver between them. This will provide easy access to food from the refrigerator, to the cooking area, and then to the oven. Use the kitchen table to prepare food.

Don’t forget small appliances. Many kitchens have coffee machines, slow cookers, toasters, mixers and more. Make sure there is space or easily accessible storage for these items.

Lighting may not have much to do with organization, but what’s the use of a well-organized kitchen if you can’t see well enough to work in it. A well thought out lighting plan is an integral part of a great kitchen design. It would be right to think about lighting at the design stage in order to draw all the necessary conclusions for electricians during repairs. Read our article on the rules for organizing light in the kitchen.

These are a few tips that you can apply when figuring out how to choose a kitchen set for small kitchen. And when you finally decide to buy a new one, be sure to choose one that won’t make you regret buying it. Good luck!

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