Eating varnish and filler: The spread for real DIY sandwiches

deli garage

A real do-it-yourselfer actually has no place in the kitchen. As we all know, it belongs in the garage, the garden or the hobby room. But times change and so must today’s DIYer.

This means that every now and then you have to swap the hammer for the wooden spoon and the hammer drill for the oven. But Normal, boring cooking? This is not for real do-it-yourselfers! So off to the Food Bauhaus!

1. From chocolate cream filler to honey glue

deli garage filler

Put filler (white chocolate) on the bread.

Of course, the modern do-it-yourselfer cannot cook and bake with everyday ingredients – he needs the flair of his usual surroundings. And that’s exactly where the company comes from The Deli Garage in the game. The Hamburg-based Vertriebs-GmbH has been selling fun and original cooking ingredients in unconventional packaging as a food Bauhaus since mid-2010.

The Filler for spreading on bread and that Engine oil for olive oil oil change – and I can be a real handyman in the kitchen. Multi-purpose noodles, tubes of honey, sucking tools, baking stones and cheese sticks – the selection is huge. My favorite is definitely the varnish made from food coloring.

2. My favorite product presented in more detail


The eating varnish is available in different colors and brightens up pretty much any meal.

The edible varnish is available in gold, silver, red and blue. I have created many a work of art with it. That was particularly successful completely gilded roast goose at a big dinner with friends, as well as the blue and red decorated fat men with which I surprised my wife and children one evening. You can certainly imagine how the little ones attacked the blue fat men.

But my ideas and instructions are far from finished. More worlds of pleasure and works of art like one are planned chrome-plated trout or gold-plated asparagus tips. Easy to implement with the edible varnish – simply remove the lid, spray on and you’re done.

No worries: Consuming the edible lacquer is absolutely harmless and also completely tasteless.

3. How about some chocolate glue?

A Another highlight is the chocolate glue by The Deli Garage. This allows you to create great chocolate snacks from simple cookies. Or you can do it like me and simply shock your son on Sunday mornings. “Ah, the new craft glue has arrived. Here, look!” – and I had already squirted the chocolate glue onto his toast without asking.

How do you think he looked? And the eyes got even bigger after I even took a bite. The ideal kitchen toy and fuel supplier in one for the DIY enthusiast.

Photo credits: legacy/The Deli Garage (sorted chronologically or according to the order of the images used in the buying guide)