Garden fireplace on wheels: Build a mobile barbecue fireplace yourself

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  • Fireplaces and barbecue fireplaces can significantly improve the evening atmosphere in the garden at home, but they require the right space in the outdoor area.
  • Due to their static design, basic ovens and kits can no longer be transported after assembly. Our mobile garden fireplace is intended to solve this problem.
  • Our building template consists mainly of steel and can be rebuilt with just a few utensils and tools. Of course, you can also change the instructions according to your wishes.
  • With a little craftsmanship, you will end up with a cozy garden fireplace that also functions as a mobile grill trolley and provides your guests with culinary delights at the next party.

garden fireplace instructions

Mobile barbecue fireplace: Grill wherever you want in the garden

garden fireplace building instructions

Here is the construction drawing of your new barbecue fireplace.

Barbecue and oven fireplaces in the garden are a beautiful thing: they spread a warm, cozy atmosphere and can be used as atmospheric outdoor heating after the meal is over.

However, the problem with basic oven kits and outdoor barbecue fireplaces made of fireclay is the fact that they are relatively voluminous and stand around pointlessly when not in use. Of course there are many too good reasons for a basic oven. High-quality storage systems from oven kits have a high level of efficiency and slowly release heat into the environment. However, permanently installed ovens can no longer be transported after installation. The barbecue area in the garden or on the terrace is then permanently located in a specific place.

A barbecue fireplace on wheels that you can be moved and used flexibly at different locations, provides a solution to this problem. Experienced do-it-yourselfers can easily build their own garden fireplace.

With our mobile garden fireplace, which can largely be made from standard parts, the dream of mobile barbecue fun can become reality. Our Instructions on shows how a mobile garden fireplace for the terrace can be made from solid sheet steel. And here we go:

Materials and tools required

The following materials and tools are required to build a simple garden fireplace yourself. You can get many things cheaply from hardware stores or specialist retailers; if you are unsure, you can also get professional purchasing advice here.

  • 1 steel serving table on wheels with a solid steel surface from the catering sector, ideally measuring 100 x 60 cm
  • 1 meal for outdoor fireplaces or extractor hoods
  • 1 solid metal tray, 25 x 50 cm, thickness min. 1.5 mm (catering area)
  • Sheet steelthickness min. 1.8 mm, 200 x 60 cm
  • 6 angle steel strips25 x 2 cm
  • 1 grill rack30 x 60 cm (or in the width of the barbecue chimney you have determined yourself)
  • approx. 50 stainless steel sheet metal screws, washers and nutssize M6, length 15 mm
  • Tin snips
  • drilling machine with sharp ones HSS drills (6mm and 8mm)
  • Jigsaw with metal saw blade for steel
  • Wrench or Ratchet box
  • folding bench (can also be borrowed from good hardware stores)
  • View grill grate on »


Sheet metal structure for mobile garden fireplace

The dimensions of the metal tray for the charcoal.

Before assembling the garden fireplace, there are a few things to do first Sheet metal processing necessary. First, the top plate of the steel table must have a rectangular cutout the size of the steel pan, which will later hold the coal. This cutout must be carried out as accurately as possible using a jigsaw and an HSS saw blade. The cuts must then be deburred.

Then it will Sheet metal for the side and back walls was bent to size on the bending bench according to the drawing on the right. For the inwardly bent tabs, miter cuts must be made in the four corners of the back wall. The tin snips are used for this. Sheet metal tabs of 20 mm must be bent on the folding bench.

Assembling the barbecue fireplace

grill fireplace assembly

Here you can see how the fireplace grill is assembled.

The stainless steel grill chimney is now assembled in the following order: First, the steel pan is embedded in the top plate of the serving table and screwed in at the corners with four screws. To do this, we first start with the 6mm HSS drill Aligned holes drilled in the edge of the tub and the table top.

The back and side wall structure is then placed around the tub and screwed to the table with three screws each on the back wall and the side walls.

The forge is now placed on top. To do this, the tabs must be bent into the corners of the side walls. Then three screws are placed on each side.

Assembly of the support strips for the grill grate

The support strips for the grill grate are finally screwed into the side walls. To do this, aligned holes are drilled into the sides and the support strips at exactly the same height and then screwed securely. Now the grill grate can be inserted.

If you want to work even further, you can paint your new garden fireplace with appropriate paint. An extension of the barbecue fireplace as a pizza oven would also be possible. In any case, you have gained a versatile fire pit with your garden fireplace.

The barbecue party can now begin. We hope you have fun grilling on the mobile grill fireplace!

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