Redesign the bathroom: tips and ideas for a new wellness bathroom at home

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For many people, the bathroom only needs to serve one purpose – it should be functional. It has to be enough to brush your teeth or take a quick shower. No wonder Germans less than 30 minutes spend the day in the bathroom. That sounds like stress. Relaxed people and leading manufacturers of sanitary supplies are of the opinion: It’s worth spending a lot more time in the bathroom because Bathroom and wellness simply belong together. And you might be right, because the bathroom can actually do a lot more than most people realize.

With just a few decorating ideas and a redesign, you can transform the old bathroom into a place where you switch off after worktreat yourself to a relaxing break and let yourself be pampered. We’ll tell you which wellness ideas you can use for your… Redesign a simple bathroom and transform it into a modern, personal wellness bathroom.

Redesign your bathroom: ideas, tips and guides

Develop a style concept for the new bathroom

At the beginning of any room design, it is important that you come up with a style concept that you can use as a guide. Do you like colorful Moroccan tiles and eye-catching gold mirrors? Or would you rather have a simple, elegant design in neutral tones?
Once you’ve made a decision, find a template to help you coordinate towels, faucets and bathroom decor. This is important so that you end up with a harmonious overall picture that calms the eye. With the help of online bathroom planners You can implement your ideas visually and get an idea of ​​whether your concept fits the room.

Tip: Before you buy anything or start redesigning your bathroom, take a look at some hardware stores and browse through the catalogs of leading manufacturers. These are usually designed by professional interior designers and outfitters and correspond to the most modern trends. This way you can get some initial inspiration and easy-to-implement ideas for bathroom design.

Stage tiles, beautify them or replace them

If you heed the tip above and stroll around hardware stores, you will notice that the bathroom tiles are the biggest accent. The right ones Tiles have a big influence on thishow your newly designed bathroom looks and also sets the color framework. Even the most beautiful bathroom decoration cannot be shown to its best advantage if it is placed between aging tiles.

Old doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to replace the tiles. Patterned tiles from before or tiles in dark green. blue or pink are currently becoming really fashionable again. If combined correctly, they can really create a wellness atmosphere. Much more important than the color is that the tiles match the style with which you want to redesign the bathroom. Older tiles go well with vintage and retro designs.

Alternatives to replacing tiles

If the old styles don’t fit your design ideas at all, you should replace the tiles to create a harmonious picture. If you don’t want to invest a lot of time or money, you can paint over the old tiles. You can also use stencils to create patterns on the tiles. High quality tile paint can be purchased at any commercial hardware store. The disadvantage of this method, however, is that it is less resistant, which is why tile paint is not as suitable for heavily used surfaces as completely new tiles. You can also use tile foil to create major visual changes and completely redesign the walls in the bathroom. Be sure to follow these tips if you want to stick over tiles.

The right light in the bathroom sets the mood

If you want to create a pleasant wellness atmosphere, the right light is essential. Even the most beautiful room will lose its coziness due to a cool fluorescent lamp. Therefore, choose a suitable one Heat level of the light bulb. How warm the light should be depends on the area of ​​use. Warm, orange light is ideal for a relaxing break in the bathtub, as it looks like candlelight. However, when applying make-up in front of the mirror, a cooler, daylight-like light is better. Ideally, you should Install multiple lighting sourcesto have the right light for every purpose.

But it’s not just the warmth of the light that’s important. With a statement lamp in the same style as the rest of the wellness bathroom, you can complete the look and make the room something very special.

Small bathroom: decoration ideas, plants and tips

Tip for small bathrooms: You can use plants to create atmosphere even in a very small bathroom. Many plants love high humidity and thrive in the bathroom.

Simple but effective redesign: work with different textiles

For additional comfort, you can integrate textiles into your modern wellness bathroom. These are not only functional, but also create a warm wellness atmosphere in the bathroom. In addition to towels in matching colors, you can lay out a visually coordinated bath mat. Get rid of all old bathroom rugs and matsif you want to redesign your bathroom. If you have a shower with a shower curtain, you can choose a new and modern curtain made of high-quality material, with a pattern or color that matches the style of your spa bathroom.

Often the small design details are just as important as the large bathroom furniture. So modernize even the little things. You often use cloths and accessories that are several years old and simply no longer see which items are no longer up to date.

Design ideas for your new bathroom: For example, you can showcase your towels by rolling them up and stacking them into small pyramids or storing them on a decorative shelf. Another element that you can use to enhance the bathroom is wood. Wooden walls and wooden decorations provide coziness and can be installed over old tiles.

You can greatly enhance large bathrooms with wood. You can especially cover old tiles with wooden walls.

You can greatly enhance large bathrooms with wood. You can cover old tiles with wooden walls.

Find solutions for order in your new bathroom

So that the eyes and therefore the head can rest, order in the bathroom is one of the most important factors. But don’t worry – you don’t necessarily have to use fewer products or sort out your towel collection. For one tidy look in the newly designed bathroom It is often enough to group small individual parts or store them in decorative containers. You can store toothbrushes all together in an attractive jar and store individual creams and containers in a beautiful basket. This prevents label chaos on the shelves, which is one of the most important prerequisites for a wellness atmosphere.

Choose the right bathroom furniture

As much as you can change the look of the bathroom with little tricks – for a complete and modern bathroom design in a wellness look Sometimes new bathroom furniture is needed. New fittings and sinks are necessary, especially if the bathroom furnishings are getting old and no longer suit your taste. To create the perfect wellness oasis in the bathroom, you should pay particular attention to bathtubs and showers.

Which model is ultimately right for you depends on your personal needs and the spatial conditions. If the bathroom is large, an extra long bathtub might be right. Many people also prefer that Vintage look of a freestanding bathtub – but you should plan carefully here, because in a small bathroom such a tub takes up too much useful space. If you want to buy a new shower or bathtub, you should make sure that it visually matches the other bathroom furniture and your style concept. It looks most harmonious if you choose all bathroom furniture from the same line.

You can install new washbasins and toilet bowls as well as a more modern toilet flush using a pre-wall installation without making any major changes to the masonry. A rain shower is also a must in any wellness bathroom. Such fittings are quickly installed and, thanks to their fine water delivery, ensure a moment of relaxation every now and then.

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