Make your own gifts for men: 3 personal and original ideas

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man holds gift in his arm

Every year, on the occasion of a holiday or birthday, you may be faced with the question of what to give your father, brother, husband or friend. Should it be personal, but at the same time meaningful and useful? We give you some inspiration and creative ideas that you can use to make original gifts for men yourself.

1. DIY gift ideas for a personal surprise

child makes gift for man

Make an individual and unique gift for your husband with your children.

The most personal and probably heartfelt gift is usually one that you have made yourself – even if the sentimental value usually clearly trumps the usefulness of the gift. If you have children, you might be able to get together and make fun and personal gifts for men together.

Photos that you put together in an album or collage are always a good idea and suitable as a last-minute gift. You can present the photos in a particularly unusual way with small painted pictures or fingerprints and handprints from your children. This gift idea is particularly suitable as a homemade gift for Father’s Day. You can also easily make a picture frame yourself. Whether made from wooden strips or ice cream sticks – it will be unique in any case.

The advantages and disadvantages of a homemade gift for men at a glance:


  • DIY gift is a unique one of a kind
  • Especially personal because of the time and work invested
  • Can be tailored specifically to the person receiving the gift


  • Certain manual skills required
  • Takes up time that isn’t always available
  • Not always particularly “useful” for the recipient

A specially made liqueur is a little less suitable for young people, but just as homemade. Depending on your taste and occasion, you can find one online countless recipes with which you can easily make speculoos, berry or even beer liqueur yourself. Filled in pretty glass bottles with a homemade label, this gift idea is sure to be an eye-catcher.

Anyone who has two left hands may shy away from making a gift. Instead of making gifts for men yourself, you can of course also buy a gift online for a birthday or Father’s Day have it personalized therefor example with a lovely message to the recipient or an engraved name to give the material a personal and special touch.

Homemade liqueur as a gift for men

Homemade liqueur or homemade jam are wonderful gifts to give to your loved ones.

2. Give the gift of time: Activities that make men happy

The most beautiful thing we can share with others is and probably remains time. Even though vouchers are often considered unimaginative as gifts, we would like to show you how you can creatively package a day at the lake or a movie night at home so that the person you are talking to will certainly be happy about it. Making gifts for men yourself isn’t that difficult if you cheat a little.

2.1. Plan a trip or special evening at home

Handcart packed for the trip on Father's Day

A prepared handcart with all the utensils for a trip can also be given as a gift, e.g. B. for Father’s Dayto get presented.

If the weather cooperates, nothing stands in the way of a trip as a personal gift. For example, prepare one Picnic basket with soft drinks and the recipient’s favorite snacks forward and pack an outdoor gadget if desired one that can be occupied with on the go. It may be a frisbee, a soccer ball, a badminton ball and rackets or a game of cards – there are no limits to your creativity.

If it’s rather uncomfortable outside, you can also plan an evening at home and prepare it as a last-minute gift. Put together in a box Cuddly blankets, vouchers for your favorite pizza delivery service, popcorn etc. can be convincing gift ideas. Be inspired by the preferences of your counterpart.

2.2. Give away tickets to a concert or sporting event

The advantage of experience gifts

Although experiential gifts are not immediately tangible like material objects, they can bring a lot of joy to the recipient in advance. In addition, insofar as the experience is carried out together, the relationship with the gift giver is strengthened.

Admittedly, this gift is of course not entirely homemade Ticket for a special event After all, you have to buy it too. Nevertheless, they are suitable Tickets for a concert, a football game or a play are always wonderful as a personal gift idea. If your husband, brother, friend or father is a fan of a club or an artist, you can also get a matching fan item with the tickets to increase your anticipation of the event.

If you have a very creative mind, you can also pack the tickets into an exciting puzzle. For example, create a crossword puzzle about the sports club, the band or the artist as the solution word and let the other person guess what kind of gift it is before you simply hand over the tickets.

Tip: Of course, vouchers can also be packaged for special experiences, for example for a climbing park, a quad tour or even a skydive.

3. Put together a gift basket and fill it with the recipient’s favorite products

gift basket for the man

A special spice or a fine wine – there are no limits when it comes to gift baskets.

A gift idea that can also be done last minute is the good old gift basket. Here you can Put together products as desired and tailor them to the interests of the person receiving the gift. Specialties for cooking, a special whiskey with a matching glass, your favorite chocolate and also care products for men can be put together. Arranged in a basket or box with a little decoration, the gift can turn out to be an original and fun idea.

For hearty beer drinkers, a beer basket might also be an option – This can be bought as a ready-made version, but you can also easily put it together yourself. If you would like to make and combine gifts for men yourself, we would be happy to give you some inspiration for the contents of a beer basket:

  • Different, special types of beer
  • Beer glasses, personalized if necessary
  • Coasters
  • Funny bottle opener
  • Beer brewing set
  • book about the History of beer

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