Ergonomic working: 4 tips for a back-friendly sitting position

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  • What is ergonomic working? Ergonomics in the workplace refers to the adaptation of the working environment and the tools used to the people working there.
  • Why is a height-adjustable office chair recommended? The height of the chair should always be adjusted to the person working so that the correct posture can be adopted.
  • What role does posture play? The correct sitting or standing position influences productivity and can prevent complaints such as back pain and tension.

ergonomic work test

Working at a desk can place a lot of demands on the body and have a negative impact on your health. Therefore, when working on the PC, care should be taken to that the workplace is optimally equipped and that the chair and desk are correctly adjusted and the correct sitting position is taken with enough distance from the screen.

1. What should you pay attention to when choosing an office chair?

man stands at the desk

Working while standing becomes child’s play with a height-adjustable desk.

If most of the working day is spent sitting in the same chair, it should be chosen carefully Prevent back pain and long-term health consequences. There are different models of office chairs, for example:

  • Work stool
  • Office stool
  • Office chairs with armrests
  • Office chairs with rocker mechanism
  • Executive chair
  • Designer office chairs

Which type of office chair you choose depends entirely on your personal taste. In any case, care should be taken to ensure that it is one height adjustable chair because they are particularly suitable for ergonomic work. With the help of one Gas spring Lifting and lowering movements are enabled and cushioned so that the chair can be individually adjusted to the optimal seat height.

2. Which is the right desk?

The right desk is at least as important as the office chair. You should definitely pay attention to this The height must be taken into account and tailored to the individual needs of the person working is. The right location in the office or home office also plays an important role.

2.1. The correct height of the table is crucial

How high or low can desks be set?

Manually adjustable desks can always be adjusted between 66 and 75 cm high. If the tables are electrically adjustable, a height adjustment between 70 and 128 cm is often possible.

Conventional desks always have a height of 72 cm. Similar to the office chair, it is also similar to the desk Height-adjustable model is highly recommended, as the optimal height depends on your body size and can vary by 20 to 30 cm.

Not only do these adjustable tables allow different people to work in the sitting position that best suits them, but they are also suitable for standing work. This will, for example the circulation is stimulatedwhich is very important during a long working day.

However, in addition to the many advantages, there are also some disadvantages of working while standing:


  • Circulation is stimulated
  • Blood circulation is promoted
  • Legs and back are relieved
  • Body builds muscles and can absorb more oxygen
  • Concentration is strengthened
  • Improved breathing
  • Increased calorie consumption


  • Stress on the spine
  • Intervertebral discs are permanently compressed
  • Heart has to work harder against gravity
  • Standing for too long can cause lower back pain
  • Standing incorrectly can put a lot of strain on muscles and joints and cause fatigue

The table makes it clear that standing for too long can be just as harmful in the long term as sitting for too long. One of the prerequisites for ergonomic work is therefore Pay attention to enough variety and listen to your own body’s needs. This means that the respective advantages of both working methods can be used without regularly causing physical problems.

A notice: For working people who generally do their work on a computer and therefore mostly while sitting, experts recommend standing for around two hours a day.

2.2. The right location for the workplace

Desk is on the side of the window

You should never look at the screen facing the window.

When setting up your workspace, you should definitely pay attention to the location of the desk. Basically: The more daylight is available and the less artificial light is needed, the better.

The Ideally, the desk should be positioned to the side of the window, so that enough daylight falls on the workplace without blinding you while working. This is particularly important when working from home and helps you work in a structured and ergonomic manner.

You should also ensure (e.g. in large offices) that you have at least 10 m² of space per workstation and that Room temperature between 20-22° Celsius lies.

3. How do I sit while protecting my back?

Adjusting the office chair and desk correctly can quickly go wrong without prior knowledge. This is very important for ergonomic work and helps to protect your back while sitting. With these short step-by-step instructions you can ensure that not only the height of the office furniture, but also your own posture is correct:

  1. Sit in your office chair.
  2. Place your feet on the floor and make sure that your upper and lower legs are at right angles. Correct the height of the office chair if this is not the case.
  3. Make sure your back is against the backrest and let your upper arms hang loosely.
  4. Now place your forearms on the armrests or the table top.
  5. Check whether your forearms and upper arms form a right angle and raise or lower the office chair if necessary.

woman suffers from poor posture while sitting

In the worst case scenario, persistently poor posture can lead to permanent damage.

In this position, the keyboard should be horizontal to your forearms and the screen should be between 45 and 80 cm from your eyes. This gives you the best conditions for a ergonomic work without back pain and tension. Should these still occur, Movement and exercises for the back recommended.

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