5 Tips For Successful Home Decoration

Tips For Successful Home DecorationA decoration has what it takes to beautify the home. It ensures cosiness, individuality and makes a room complete. The following five tips add the factor of wellbeing to the selected furniture.

Five tips for a great decoration

“Our home should become more beautiful!” This saying is well known in a slightly modified form. But it says what is a fact: The home only becomes really individual with a combination of classic and personal decorations and offers the feel-good factor par excellence.

It is not enough to simply set up a few vases and candles or to use a lot of glass to make a house look stylish. The combination of style and comfort, individuality and classic is important.

Here are the five best tips for interior decorating an apartment or house:

1.       Decoration with books

Books are almost forgotten in some households and have to give way to tablets, smartphones and e-book readers. They not only offer information, but also a wonderful opportunity for decoration! A bookshelf that is filled to the top with thick books, guides, specialist and non-fiction books creates an intellectual impression and ensures comfort. The sound alone is swallowed up by the books and a room therefore looks more cozy.

But it doesn’t always have to be the well-known bookshelves that open up on the walls to the ceiling. A shelf can be used as a room divider and, if it is deep enough, can be filled with books on each side. The open shelves make this room divider look friendlier and ensure a harmonious division of the room.

Books can also be stacked as a stack and form towers of different heights. Here, attention must be paid to the way the books are put together: Spines that are too colorful make the pile restless and leave the eye no chance of finding a haven of calm.

Therefore, books of similar color and of approximately the same size should be placed on top of such stacks of books. If the stacks sway too much, decorative figures can serve as bookends.

Tips For Successful Home Decoration
Books do not have to be hidden away, they can be placed nicely and not only used as decoration. (Photo: Shutterstock- ImageFlow_)

2.       Decorate furniture with textiles

The furniture alone often appears cold and sober in a room. The decoration makes the difference here and turns what appears to be a furniture store into a room full of cosiness. Nobody has to live in cushions, it is sufficient if a few cushions are decorated decoratively on the sofa or armchair.

However, there are other details that count for the textile equipment. Examples include carpets that are placed in certain places in the room. Curtains and drapes are also counted in the textile area and make a room more comfortable.

Everyone who has already moved knows the difference: A room without curtains looks cold and impersonal despite the arrangement of all the furniture. It becomes much more individual and, above all, more comfortable as soon as curtains are attached.

When decorating with textiles, it is important that the colors are not too bright. Anyone who finds themselves in an Easter egg will hardly feel good, especially since the different colors have a different effect on people. However, not everything has to be designed in one color.

When decorating, you should only make sure that the colors are used within a color palette. If you want to live with pillows, you can choose the same color as the carpet or blankets that can be placed on the upholstered furniture.

Tips For Successful Home Decoration
A sofa without a pillow looks bare and empty. (Photo: Shutterstock-_ Photographee.eu)

3.       Decoration with house plants

Living with a pillow? Much less important than living with plants! This does not just mean bouquets of flowers that are placed in vases in obviously well-chosen places. Rather, it is about green houseplants that have two uses. On the one hand, they have a positive effect on the room climate and ensure that the oxygen content in the room increases.

On the other hand, they are decorative and can be placed on the shelves and cupboards, on the windowsill, on the side table or anywhere else. At the same time, it is important to ensure that plants do not become a nuisance.

If you place a hanging plant above the dining table, you will soon be annoyed by tendrils hanging down your neck. Plants should therefore be given the right location for them and the residents of the house, be adequately large themselves and, if necessary, be shortened if they get too big.

Important: In rooms with a south-facing window, there should be no plants with thin and sensitive leaves. The rooms heat up strongly in summer, which would not benefit the plants. Thick leaf plants are much more suitable here.

Palm-like plants, on the other hand, like to live in rooms that on the one hand have a lot of light, but on the other hand do not get too warm and offer sufficient humidity. They can also be used to beautifully decorate the bathroom!

Tips For Successful Home Decoration
Decoration with pillows in combination with plants couldn’t be nicer and more homely. (Photo: Shutterstock-Prostock-studio)

4.       Decoration with the right lighting

Not only pillows are suitable as decoration for every room, the right lighting is also a true all-rounder. Many different light sources are a good idea, especially in the living room.

It is ideal if a central light source is used that illuminates the entire room or at least half of the room. There are also other lamps and lights that, for example as a spot, draw attention to a certain point in the room.

Table and floor lamps are just as suitable as lamps which, in the form of candles, have a very decorative effect even when they are switched off. If the lighting can also be dimmed, the decoration is perfect.

Of course, this type of decoration also has a practical use and should be chosen accordingly. It must be possible for the living room not only to look nice, but also to actually generate enough light to read or do sewing work, for example.

Tip: With the right lighting, the rest of the decoration also comes into its own, because the light can be directed to the eye of the beholder.

It should be noted that large rooms absolutely need a central ceiling light, which is used as an anchor point. Small living rooms, on the other hand, can sometimes do without this ceiling light entirely and benefit from indirect lighting that makes the room appear larger.

Tips For Successful Home Decoration
Colored pillows, matching colored blankets and finally a modern floor lamp complete the picture. (Photo: Shutterstock- Latkn)

5.       Decorate with small accessories

Even if the entire decoration is practically thought out, small accessories will accumulate over time, which stand for a special cosiness and individuality.

Vases and candles, a special glass in the showcase, small figures etc. create the impression of individuality. However, care should be taken to ensure that the impression is never created that it is a collection of knick-knacks from all over the world.

More tips for a great decoration

  • Glass vases (when using it, make sure to keep the flower water fresh and clean!
  • Decorative plate
  • Picture frame with photos
  • Clocks and mirrors
  • small figures
  • seasonal decorative items: candles, Santa Clauses, Easter bunnies, witches, etc.

But it certainly also applies that great decoration for the house is not equally suitable for all people. Many are absolute minimalists and would just feel overwhelmed with a decoration. It should always be noted that the decoration allows conclusions to be drawn about the personality of the residents.

So whoever surrounds himself with things that he or she does not like at all gives the appearance of being pretending to be. In addition, the decoration should also be practical: If you put a lot of dust catchers on a shelf, you should consider that they also have to be cleaned regularly.

Decorating your own home can begin with these great decorating tips. Many decoration friends are even very flexible and at least redecorate the living room, for example after their vacation. In this way, the holiday feeling can be preserved a little, which can be rated positively. Why not fill the decorative plate with shells and stones you collected yourself? There are no limits to the ideas!

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